Spotlight on: Flora Maier - SU Women’s Officer

Her Campus caught up with the bubbly and vibrant Flora Maier, this year’s Student Union Women’s officer to discuss how the SU plans to make UoN a more inclusive place.

Name: Flora Maier

Course: History and Classics

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

What is the role of a students’ union officer?

The main role of the students’ union is to protect every student’s interests within the University. Inclusion is probably the main thing that the Students’ Union aims provide for the University. For example a big step we have taken was trying to provide more ways to include international students, such as introducing the use of WeChat.

What does your position entail?

I work in conjunction with other networks such as disabled students, LGBT+ etc. I also act as a representative for the students, and am able to direct people to other sources to get the help or information they need.

What do you want to accomplish through your time as women’s officer and why did you decide to take this position up?

As a young woman there are so many things you can campaign for, things that sometimes seem to go unnoticed. I wanted to take advantage of the resources and diverse student body that the university has to make improvements.

Do you feel that University of Nottingham is an all-inclusive place?

I think there still is a lot more to be done. The uni is so diverse, and we already have in place many networks that represent so many different people. Even though it is great that people can find a group of people they can connect with, this sometimes can make the university a bit sectioned off. I think it would be beneficial to create more fluidity between these student networks.

How can this be improved?

One of the things I am planning for spring is panel discussion between the different universities in the area on feminism and being a woman within different religious groups. I am interested in discussing if how you are seen as women directly effects how you view yourself. I also find it really interesting to see how feminism is viewed from a variety of perspectives. An example like this enables people with different backgrounds, interests and so on to come together and be able to speak freely on issues they feel are important.

How do you combat misconceptions people have about the feminist movement?

I think people need to reset the prejudices. Feminism is not just a bunch of white women waving their bras in the air. There is a lot to it, however we have come a long way. When it comes down to it, it is education and becoming aware of the world. When people say they don’t need feminism, I say that’s great that you have achieved a sense of equality, however this doesn’t mean that other people also have.

Now for a bit of fun…

Favourite spot on Campus?

Someone told me that the tower is a really cool place. I haven’t been there but if I had it would probably be my favourite. The studio is also a nice place to hang out; it has good lighting.

Go to song for when you’re having a bad day?

“Ophelia” by the Lumineers

Best food in Nottingham?

The Nottingham Doughnut Company. They make all the doughnuts by hand. It’s so great and so cheap.


Edited by Jess Shelton