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Snapped: Night Light Notts

‘Light Night’ in Nottingham is an event in the city sponsored by Robin Hood Energy. I went along to check it out for myself and although it had its good points, it was disappointing that there weren’t more activities going on. Much of the night was child-orientated, but even then the potential for glow-in-the-dark sports activities and the parade (where the lanterns had been handmade and looked fantastic) had been ignored. Fingers crossed that next year a little more investment can be put into the event as the things that were good really did stand out! Here are some of the highlights of the night…

1. Nottingham Castle. The gardens within the castle had been illuminated with colour and entry into the castle, including its art exhibitions, was free. Although it was impressive how many visitors it attracted (so at times it was swamped), the highlight for me was the view from the castle hill at night. This iPhone photo doesn’t do the view that was there any justice! I recommend even in daylight to visit the castle and take in the view of the city.

2. The market at the Galleries of Justice. Not usually an area I visit but I ventured out to find a sweet little market with many food and craft stalls. The food was just amazing; having said that, I really like food in general. Performing live at the market was Katie Hallet, a lovely girl who I stayed in halls with last year. Her acoustic performance was fantastic and she often performs at events in Nottingham and with the university, so I would recommend you listen to her stuff if given the chance.

3. Fat Cat. Why would I go out at night if there wasn’t food involved?! Fat Cat is a brilliant and quirky restaurant that does 50% ALL DAY EVERY DAY for students. Two of us shared an enormous starter of nachos, and with 50% off it came to less than £3 each; pretty much our meal sorted! I cannot fault their music taste either. Definitely worth trying for a meal out in Nottingham.

Nottingham city council puts on some fab events, and I would recommend following ‘What’s on Nottingham’ on Facebook for more information as to what events are coming up. Have fun exploring!

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