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Snap, Crackle, and Pop: Rice Krispies Easter Nests

Thank goodness, the Easter holidays are finally here! And with the advent of Easter, we can welcome the end of Lent. To that end, there is no better way to celebrate, than with a cheap, straightforward, and scrumptious recipe. We all know that they are a favourite for breakfast, but in all honesty, cereal, in general, is a bit boring. Well, not in this offering! By adding marshmallows and toffee in to the mix, then we have something worth talking about.


100g Hard margarine/butter (£1.10 for 500g (margarine) or £1.18 for 250g (butter) Tesco’s)

100g Marshmallows ((£0.89p for 200g Tesco’s)

100g Toffees (0.89p for 200g Tesco’s)

200g Rice Krispies (£2.00 for 510g Tesco’s)

Chocolate mini eggs (£4.00 for 460g Tesco’s)

Paper cases

Useful Tips

1. The heated marshmallows will puff up, a lot. Don’t panic! That’s meant to happen, but make sure you stir the mixture regularly so it doesn’t burn. 2. If you don’t have paper cases, you can use a baking tray. Anything that will allow the mixture to set, but you’ll have to forego the nest structure! 3. To get a truly sticky and gooey mixture, put in slightly less rice krispies. It’s delicious and delightfully sticky! 4. If you put them in an oven to set, be sure not to forget about them. I can speak from experience. They don’t cope well with being cooked, when you preheat the oven for an Easter roast! 5. For a decadent finish, drizzle them in melted chocolate, of any kind. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, and Easter demands chocolate.

They’re irresistible.  Once you’ve had one, you must eat them all.  


1. Melt the margarine/butter, toffees, and marshmallows in a bowl. You can do this in a saucepan on the stove, or in a heat-proof bowl in the microwave. If using the microwave, set at medium and check every 30 seconds. 2. Heat until melted, stirring every so often. 3. Once melted, tip the rice krispies in immediately and stir thoroughly. 4. Spoon into the paper cases, and make sure there’s a hollow for the eggs in the middle. The mixture is easy to compress, so just push it down. 5. Place in a cool place for a few hours. 6. Tip any type of egg sweets into the centre and enjoy! No eggs, then any small chocolate sweet will do, or perhaps try some Haribo. The eggs just give it more of an Easter feel

There you have it – a simple and quick way to create some scrummy, bite-sized treats. The perfect indulgence to celebrate Easter and the end of Lent, and of course, the end of term. After all, holidays are the time to relax, to do, and to eat whatever you want. So, jettison the guilt, and have as many of these as you want. Give them a try, they really are delicious, and I hope you all have an egg-cellent holiday!

Edited by Nicole Swain






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