Sex and Relationships: 5 Rules of Thumb for Students

Whether you’re back at uni for another year, or you’re a fresher and you’re new to the game, it’s important to feel safe as well as confident when socialising with new people. So here are some top tips on how to make the most out of your time at university whilst keeping your sexual health in mind.


1.       Feel confident!

The beginning can be the hardest part, especially for freshers, but nothing looks better on you than confidence! You’re a lot more likely to attract people if you’ve got your chin up and a friendly smile on your face. Try initiating a chat with someone who catches your eye, or even joining a society or club. If you’re a fresher, make sure you attend at least a few of the events so that you don’t end up missing out. You’ll be surprised at how many more opportunities are created when you appear confident.


2.       Stay protected!

Let’s face it; using contraception gives us a sense of security, knowing that you’re reducing your chances of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases or infections. So stock up on condoms using a C Card (Register on campus at the University Health Service, Cripps Health Centre, University Park. You don’t need to be a registered patient to register onto C-Card) or ensure that you are using some method of contraception.


3.       Flatmates are a no-no.

It’s pretty much a rule of thumb to avoid regular hook-ups or relationships with flatmates. It would be more than a little awkward if you broke up and were then forced to interact with them on a daily basis. You’re also more likely to create tension with your other flatmates if that were to happen, possibly ruining the nice bond you may have already formed. Besides, it’s good to have your own space and put a healthy distance between you and that special someone.


4.       It’s okay to say no.

Don’t be surprised if you’re approached by someone who isn’t really your type. In the event of an unwanted invite back to their halls, a simple, ‘Sorry, I’m not interested,’ will do. Never feel forced to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and don’t put up with any threatening behaviour.


5.       It’s also okay to say yes!

Someone unexpected asks you to see a film or grab something to eat? Why not say yes? Be spontaneous! Being at uni is about exploring as well as learning, and the more cute boys you meet, the more you’ll learn about what you actually want in a guy. Be open-minded; you might be surprised to find that you have similar interests to them. Even if it doesn’t work out as expected, at least you’ve made a new friend because you said yes.


I hope these tips are helpful in contributing to an exciting year of university. Go out there, have fun, and stay sexy!


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Edited by Georgina Varley