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In the eighth instalment of her blog series, Mel talks about cabin fever and the feeling of containment amplified by the news of the potential lifting of restrictions in the near future.


So we have received a glimmer of hope, and I am sure that everyone has seen the constant posts regarding the 21st of June online, hyping us up for the greatest night out of our lives…


I, for one, cannot wait for that night. Yet, somehow, knowing that we could have that in a few months is making right now so much harder. We’ve hit that part of Spring Term where assessments are already building up again, and the work is piling up. And time is slipping away, and all the while, the weather is temperamental, so you find yourself struggling to meet your friends outdoors.


Cabin Fever. That is what I am feeling at the moment. I feel very boxed in and lacking in motivation to get things done that really should be done. It is a difficult time, and speaking to my friends about it has shown me that I am not at all alone in how I am feeling. Most students are feeling a similar way. I think, also, that spending so much time with myself recently has shown me a few things:


  1. Being in your own company is a good thing, and it is important to learn to be comfortable with yourself. Being comfortable with yourself opens you up to being comfortable with other people.
  2. This situation has shown many of us who we can truly function alongside. There are people who have helped us through this, and they are the people I am most grateful for.
  3. This has been a great opportunity to do things for you.


Jobs and internships are few and far between right now, but I, for one, have taken the chance to get involved in some new things, such as other publications and societies, which not only let me meet new people but also give me a purpose every day. Knowing I have something to produce helps me to stay motivated and passionate about what I am doing! 


These last few weeks, I have made a conscious effort to meet with someone at least every other day. If even for just an hour, getting out and speaking to someone who does not live in my house has really picked me up. Last weekend, the end of Reading Week, the weather was wonderful. Those few days of warmth made the next freezing days slightly more bearable. I’m sure that everyone has a lot on their plate right about now, whether you’re a first year planning your house for next year, a second year (like myself) trying to meet people and your deadlines simultaneously or a final year pulling yourself through your dissertation. Something I keep telling myself is that the harder we work now, the more time we will be able to spend out with our friends when things eventually start to reopen, so I propose that we all look at the situation like that. Right now is hard, I hear you, but knuckle down and stay on top of your commitments, because the more you do now, the more fun you will be able to have! 


I know that we still have a way to go, in arguably the worst time of the year, so whilst we push through this month, I hope you make use of your supportive friends and families and find things to give you purpose, and that keep your joy alive. I will continue meeting people and sharing my thoughts on the internet, so whilst I embark on that, Send Coffee, Please!

Melina Williams

Nottingham '22

Blogger for Nottingham 20/21 Second year English student Loves coffee, reading and marmite toast!
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