Seb Chimo: UoN cricket and rugby player

What has been your best experience whilst playing rugby?

It would have to be rugby tour to New Zealand during Sixth Form. The whole three weeks was just a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve never played rugby with such a great backdrop or been so taken aback by watching an entire school perform the Haka before a match. Auckland’s a great night out too.

Is it difficult fitting in two sports around your studies?

Surprisingly, despite having a hectic nine hours of contact time a week, I manage to find the time to train for both. Luckily, rugby training is on Mondays and Fridays, whereas cricket is on the weekend so there’s no crossover. Also, the seasons are different so the BUCS matches on a Wednesday never clash either.

What are the training sessions like for cricket and rugby?

They differ due to the demands of the two sports. Rugby is a lot more squad based, so we do a lot of team run-throughs in preparation for games as well as the specialist skills required for each position. In first term, cricket is less intense as it’s the off season but after Christmas we train more regularly and, like rugby, focus a lot on specific skill sets needed as batsmen or bowlers.

What has been your worst injury whilst playing rugby?  Have you ever injured someone else?

Fortunately, I’ve never broken a bone in my body so the worst would have to be spraining my ankle in a pre-season tournament a few years ago. I’m still not convinced it’s fully recovered judging by the sounds it makes.

What is your most memorable rugby night out – I’ve heard they are pretty notorious!

There’s been a couple of drunken moments to say the least and funnily enough the most memorable nights out I have trouble remembering. The ‘Court’ social this year was hilarious but I’d have to go with my first away game as a Fresher (anyone who plays rugby will know what this involves but I’ll leave it as a mystery). I’d had a ‘bit’ to drink and, after a couple Sir Samuel of Bucas in Crisis, who knows what I got up to.

If you had to pick a favourite: rugby or cricket, and why?

I’m going to have to sit on the fence and not give you a proper answer. Either way I’d get grilled and, being able to play both, I don’t have to make that decision. Rugby is my favourite winter sport and cricket in the summer. Can I get away with that?

Any aspirations to take up another sport in your final year?

I doubt it. I’d quite like to try something different like Dodgeball but, realistically, I won’t have the time.