Save the Planet: Top Tips for Students

If anybody is unaware of the climate crisis we are living in, they must be living under a rock. Or perhaps Eduroam isn't proving to be as effective as it should – it wouldn't be a surprise. Either way, our social media is filled with the news of a climate change crisis: Rainforests ablaze, rising sea levels, beloved animals going extinct and disgusting amounts of plastic pollution.


Who we can look up to


Greta Thunberg, Autumn Peltier and Isra Hirsi are all climate change activists who are a mere 16 years of age or younger. Their three ages combined is 46 - which is younger than most of our politicians today. And their work is beyond commendable.


This crisis is something that history cannot help us with, because it is a global crisis that humanity has never seen before. It is the White Walkers of our world whilst the many versions of Cersei and Danaerys fight out their quarrels on political platforms (namely Boris Johnson and his Brexit plans). They are offering absolutely no solutions to any of the climate crises we are facing.


To make matters worse, a lot of the older generation who are in a position of power, naming no names (cough Donald Trump), are refusing to help. In his little world, Climate Change doesn't exist. We, as the educated younger generation now need to be the Jon Snows. The ones who initiate and inspire change to fight off this impending disaster. Winter is coming and students need to act.



What we, as students, can do


Actually, we can help quite easily. Not everyone needs to go to the lengths of Greta, Autumn or Isra to make a difference. We can do small things everyday. All we need to be, each and every one of us, are individuals in this movement. Think of this movement as an ocean:  "...what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops" as John Green once said. We are the drops, and we can make a difference.


Top Tips for Students in Nottingham! 


  • Cut down on your meat intake, and when you do eat meat, make sure it is locally sourced. An issue with eating meat is the mileage that it has had to travel to get to you. Buy from local butchers and ask where your meat is coming from, or for a cheaper option, get yourself a copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest ‘VEG’ cookbook and go veggie during term time!

  • Stop eating fish. Fishing is the worst industry for our planet; fish populations are destroyed, water pollution is massively increased and habitat degradation is causing fish to migrate. Why do you think there is a whale in the Thames this very second? Also, what will happen if the shark clan follow? Eating fish is worse for the environment than eating locally sourced meat- so quit it! 

  • Don't fly as much. I know, Ryanair’s offers are just rude not to take… But maybe look into alternative routes.  Coach/ Ferry/ Car/ Eurostar are all doable! And hey, pre drinks on the train, why not? 

  • Taking your coffee to lectures? Absolutely fine, but take a reusable coffee flask to the barista instead of buying plastic ones everyday from Starbucks. No harm done. And it’s the same with water bottles. 

  • Use reusable bags for your Aldi shops. 

  • Pack your lunch in a Tupperware in the mornings and bring it to uni instead of buying meal deals everyday, the plastic they use to package those things aren't doing our planet any favours (and it would also help your bank account!).

  • Check out the many vegan cafes dotted around the city! My personal favourite is The Prickly Pear - the vegan burgers are to die for.