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With revision looming over all students I thought it might be good to do a revision related post. I described them as my beauty revision essentials, but really they are just nice things that I lumber around with me in my bag and whack out to procrastinate with. Nevertheless they have their benefits!


Caudalie Beauty Elixer

This is a great multipurpose product. It can be used a toner, whilst its essential oils are great for a pick me up half way through the afternoon (I spray onto my hands and breathe in). I also spray onto my face to set make up in the morning and again during the day to refresh it. It is a tad pricey however, and some may find the minty scent too strong. There are other cheaper versions available though. I believe Simple has a version which does a similar job.


Soap and Glory Handfood

More often than not if you ask somebody if they use hand cream it’s Hand Food (and for good reason). Unlike classic brands like Crabtree, Evelyn and L’Occitaine which for me leave a greasy residue, Soap and Glory’s wonder soaks right in allowing you to carry on writing without waiting. Plus the smell is amazing. What’s not to like!?


MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in ‘Fuchia Fix’ 

This is basically fancy pink tinted vaseline with a vanilla taste and smell. I picked it up at an outlet outside Miami but you can get it in any MAC store. It’s easy to apply and gives a beautifully sheer wash of colour and has moisturising properties – great for during the day.

Buy from:


Caudalie Beauty Elixer £32.00


Soap and Glory Hand Food £5.00



Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner £11.00


Does anyone have any essentials they can’t leave the house without? Let us know in the comments below!

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