Review: Wildwood Restaurant

Wildwood is by far one of my favourite restaurants in Nottingham, with 50% student discount from Sunday to Thursday for good quality food, you could never go wrong! With the 50% student discount you can definitely treat yoself’ and aim for a three course meal if you can…

Wildwood is located in Lace Street and is an airy, open restaurant suitable for any group number. You can easily book a table online for up to 12 people and large groups making it very flexible for any occasion. They also have tons of other offers including a £10-pound set menu Monday to Friday. Now let’s discuss food…

So my friends and I decided to take advantage of the 50% off and order one starter each. We opted for the mozzarella and garlic bread, olives and calamari, which were all amazing and all at a decent price.

Classic Calamari with Cajun mayo sauce

Wildwood, you know where it’s at with the garlic bread. The garlic bread with caramelised onions was my favourite starter, they were perfection and literally go with any main. Also, you get a generous six slices of it for just £5.75, which is the most I have ever had for a starter.

Garlic bread with mozzarella and caramelised onions

Another favourite of mine was the raspberry lemonade. This drink comes in a cute, vintage glass and is more of a slushy, rather than a fizzy drink. This drink was super refreshing and a change from just your usual frizzy drinks.

Raspberry lemonade

For the main course, you can choose from pasta, pizza, grill including burgers, fish and steak, salads including a quinoa salad and risottos. After debating long and hard over what pasta dish to get I decided that after having the very cheesy garlic bread, it would only make sense to opt for an even cheesier pasta bake…

  • Baked chicken and mushroom penne

It was by far the best pasta bake I’ve ever had, the sauce was extra creamy and definitely fulfilled my cheese fantasy. Although I will say, the chicken pieces seemed to be rather big for the pasta bake and I found myself cutting them in half. Normally, the chicken is cut into strips for pasta bakes so I found this a bit difficult to eat. Despite that, this pasta was delish and definitely #pastagoals.

Overall, I would say this restaurant is super student friendly, with 50% off, the restaurant is casual yet provides a sophisticated student meal out and I would 100% suggest for a house meal, or catch up with friends.

I would recommend this for:

  • Birthdays and occasions- especially if you are looking somewhere for large groups. It is easy and simple to book online!
  • If you are looking for somewhere cheap but really good quality- £10.80 each. For both a starter and a main course that’s a really good deal, even cheaper than a takeaway.
  • Students who want to have a nice meal out but don’t want to pay too much- makes a nice change from microwave meals and attempting to cook…

I wouldn’t recommend this if:

  • You are looking somewhere more unusual - this is your standard Italian meals, burgers and risotto. I would say Wildwood is more for comfort eating and to fulfil cravings rather than for trying something new.

That’s it for now- Wildwood are also offering a Christmas party menu, so if you are looking for somewhere to go with your housemates or friends to celebrate Christmas before the holidays, book a table!

They offer a three course set menu for £19.95, which is so worth it and means you don’t have to cook a roast…


Images all writer's own