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I may be slightly biased due to my undying girl-crush on the plus-size model and body positivity activist, Jada Sezer, but bare with me, because the podcast in question has plenty of amazing points in spite of my fan-girling.


Unsubscribe launched in March 2019 from a collaboration with Bumble and Jada, with the goal of exploring mindfulness and discouraging negative dependency on social media. In each episode, Jada and her co-host Louise Troen team up with inspirational women to discuss topics of self-love, healthy relationships and mental health amongst loads of other important issues. Hearing these women openly discuss some difficult topics really makes you feel part of the discussion, and it allows you to get an opinion on things that you maybe don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends about in the same way. 



Before being persuaded to explore Unsubscribe from my unwavering support of Jada, I never thought I would see the day I’d be sitting here writing about how great I find a podcast. To me, podcasts were something my dad might listen to, and I thought they were reserved exclusively to high-brow topics which wouldn’t interest me much. But I was wrong about that, and I’m here to help change your opinion about them too!


In Episode 2 of Unsubscribe, Jada and Louise sit down with Bryony Gordon, the best-selling author and activist best known for running marathons in her underwear. A wacky choice for most, yes – but she (and Jada) did it to raise awareness of body-positivity and female empowerment. I don’t know about you, but the thought of running a marathon alone is terrifying. But for these two women to go out and do it in their undies… well, it inspires me to stop making excuses and know that I could do it if I wanted to.



There are 7 episodes in the first season, bringing you all the relatable content you could ever dream of and helping you to realise that the things you might be facing are totally manageable. As young females, we often have so much pressure placed on us from all directions and taking an hour out of your week to listen to Unsubscribe is an act of self-care which could make all the difference to how you manage that pressure. I know I feel so much more empowered after listening to other inspirational women, and I’m sure you will too.


Season 1 of the podcast is available to download from iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify or at http://https://audioboom.com/channels/4989699. The girls can be found on Instagram at @JadaSezer and @LouiseTroen.

Emily Holt

Nottingham '20

Emily is a fourth-year student of English and French at the University of Nottingham. After spending the past academic year studying in France whilst completing an internship reviewing tourist hotspots in the South of France, Emily has joined the Her Campus Nottingham team as a reviewer to work her magic on the East Midlands local scene.
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