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Review: Sourced Box – A Healthy Snack Option

Eating mindfully is something we all seem to struggle with. Balancing studies, a social life, and a job during my first year at university made it difficult for me to put aside time to plan my meals and snacks for the week ahead. I was fed up of constantly feeling extremely lethargic, so I decided to challenge myself and took some small steps towards living a healthier lifestyle (although I must admit I still demolish a big bar of Dairy Milk much more often than I probably should). A step in the right direction, for myself, was subscribing to Sourced Box, described by its founders Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler as, ‘a snacking service designed to work wonders on your well-being’.

With such a busy lifestyle us students tend to lead, Sourced Box is just so convenient. The box full of healthy, delicious snacks gets delivered right to your doorstep each month for £18.95 (you’ll always have something to throw in your bag when you’re running late to a 9am lecture). It’s true that I find myself feeling a lot more energised after eating a snack (or two) from the box. They’re packed full of natural goodness rather than chemicals and refined sugar. Avoiding the slump which I’d usually feel if I gravitated towards half a packet of custard creams (easily consumed with a cup of tea) is great.  

I love that Sourced Box enables you to try new foods and brands that you may not have even heard of.

Sourced Box is vegan friendly and gluten free. It also still allows you to get in your chocolate fix (very important).

“No Guilt, just love” – Emily Fruit Crisps.

I managed to completely embarrass myself when meeting Niomi Smart (co-founder of Sourced Box).

Niomi: “I hope you enjoy my recipes!”

Keely: “You too!” *face palm*.

So, if you’re an avid snacker, always on-the-go or just looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, Sourced Box could be perfect for you.

Edited by: Tia Ralhan. 


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