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It may have been cold and rainy outside Rock City on Sunday, but inside, an energetic and lively performance from Sigrid warmed the hearts of those attending.

Sigrid has recently embarked on a UK and European Tour, performing here at Rock City with supporting act ‘Ider’. Consisting of two girls, Ider got the crowd into the mood showcasing their musical talent and proving that they sound just as good live as they do on their album ‘Emotional Education’. Having never heard of them before I thoroughly enjoyed their music with my two favourite songs being ‘Mirror’ and ‘Saddest Generation’ – a moving song addressing the issue of mental health and young people. What’s more, Ider are visiting Nottingham again on 6th February 2020, playing at the Bodega. Tickets are only £11 so at that price, they are worth watching as I’m sure their careers will be reaching new heights soon!

After 30 minutes of musical bliss from Ider, Sigrid graced the stage. Her energy bounced off the walls of Rock City, opening with ‘Mine Right Now’ – a cool tune that got the crowd moving, followed by ‘In Vain’ and ‘Plot Twist’. My personal favourite of the night was ‘Sight of You’ and, despite not being able to catch much of the sight of Sigrid because of the crowd being so tall, Sigrid’s stage presence still meant everyone could enjoy her music!

Another worthy mention is the band that Sigrid is touring with. Collectively they performed so passionately and seemed to be having just as much fun as the crowd, along with the groovy lighting and sound, the set really brought the entire performance together. 

After playing two of her most famous songs ‘High Five’ and ‘Sucker Punch’, the tone changed to a more intimate vibe in Rock City, what Sigrid herself described as ‘cosy’. She sang the song ‘Dynamite’ and her new single ‘Home to You’ which was rather touching as it was about her hometown, Alesund in Norway. The lyrics were raw and emotional, and the feeling of having a special place to call home really resonated with me.

To bring the show to a close the mood was lifted again with Sigrid performing another two of her most popular songs – ‘Strangers’ and ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’. Whilst Sigrid danced around the stage, the crowd moved with her and all in all it was the perfect end to what had initially started as a rainy Nottingham day! 

Sigrid’s album ‘Sucker Punch’ and new single ‘Home to You’ are both available to download on Apple Music and Spotify (they are definitely worth a listen!)

Hattie Gomme

Nottingham '21

20, UoN
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