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Another local band are Short Weekends. Unfortunately, I’m yet to have the pleasure of seeing them live but from what I’ve heard this band have great potential and hopefully it won’t be too long before I get a chance to see them live. From listening to their EP on Spotify, I can only imagine how good they would be live. They’ve been well recognised on the local scene and have a quickly growing fan base!

“Short Weekends are a band that sum up everything that you love about Indie Rock. Swagger, catchy riffs and a very distinct vocal. Plus, they have the addition of some awesome keyboard / synth action too. They’ll make ya dance – but you know, a cool kind of Indie dance. Despite being in their mid-teens these guys have nailed their unique take on indie”  – NUSIC

I have been lucky enough to receive their next release ‘Green Summer’ prior to its release and I absolutely love the track. It’s upbeat and you are immediately engaged with the song. Comparing it to previous tracks, I can see a progression in their music. The lead vocal is incredibly strong, and the song sounds familiar, but at the same time it’s different to anything I’ve heard before. The harmonies on the track really resonate with the listener and showcase the vocal ability that the band have. The production of the track has been done really well as the track doesn’t drown out the vocal, which is amazing as the vocal really comes through and allows for the listener to hear every word.

I’d definitely go and see these guys live if you can or just take some time to listen to their music. With a strong following I believe these guys really do have the potential to go far. The Nottingham music scene is just the beginning, who knows where their music could take them. To already have good recognition from brands such as NUSIC show that people already believe in Short Weekends as a band, so I don’t think there’s any limit on their careers going further. I also think being young and having such a passion for music is a rare thing in today’s industry, and to be able to the nurture that and showcase it so early on in their careers is a great thing and that really does show in the bands music.

The single launch is this Friday at Rough Trade so be sure to check it out!


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