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If your course at Uni organises a society trip of any kind, I absolutely recommend that you go!  After missing out last year, I made sure I signed up to this year’s- a Friday to Tuesday trip to Prague. 

We were staying in the Old Prague Hostel – a cheap and cheerful place with 24-hour staff. I would definitely check this place out if you’re thinking of visiting this beautiful city. The trip was a bit of a whirlwind, as we tried to pack as much in as we could. Here’s a summary of the top four things to do if you’re thinking of booking a trip. 

The Astronomical Clock Tower

This is probably Prague’s most well-known attraction, and for good reason. It’s stunning and has such an interesting history behind it. If you can’t get access to a guided tour in the city, there’s plenty of amazing resources online with in-depth info about the clock. It shows the time in bohemian time, astronomical (zodiac time) and linear. It’s a beautiful spectacle; the sun and sky illuminating the gold and red decoration.

Make sure you visit the top of the tower! It gives the best view of the city and, don’t worry, there’s a lift. 

There is, of course, the clock show- a somewhat infamous attraction. It’s deemed ‘The Second Most Disappointing Tourist attraction in Europe’, but this doesn’t stop flocks of tourists gathering to watch every hour. The figures on the side of the clock represent sins, and they shake their heads at the crowds below, as the twelve apostles appear through the windows and a cockerel crows to mark the time. That’s pretty much all that happens, but it is worth a watch. If not to watch the actual show, but to watch the crowds’ faces shift into an expression meaning: ‘is that it?’ It is pretty funny…

Charles Bridge (en route to Prague Castle)

You definitely have to visit the beautiful castle and cathedral, but it is a bit of a walk from the city centre. This isn’t a bad thing though, as you get to walk along the Charles Bridge. The bridge is decorated with immaculate religious and historical statues the whole way down. It is very humbling to be constantly surrounded by such awesome artistry. Each one is intricate and different- you’re spoiled for shameless tourist photo opportunities. 

A Bar Crawl

A classic thing to do in Prague, but it is definitely worth it. It’s a great opportunity to bond with who you’re staying with, as most hostels organise a bar crawl during your stay. You’re guided along all the best bars in town, and it’s a safer option than stumbling around without staff. Hopefully you’ll end up in Karlovy Lazne. It’s a five-storey club complete with an ice bar and robotic bar tenders- it definitely makes an interesting end to a very fun night. 


The Old Town Square (and it’s baked goods…)

Prague’s Old Town Square is beautiful, and you’re surrounded by rich history just by standing there. 

There’s loads I could recommend here, but I’m going to end by telling you to try a Chimney Cake. They’re like a hollow cylinder of donut (but better), where the insides are spread with a filling of your choice. I recommend the white chocolate! At a very, very affordable price they make the perfect meal to end a busy day sight-seeing. 

This was my first trip to Prague, and I would love to go back. It’s a city decked with stunning historical architecture; there’s a fascinating story behind every building and every street. It’s also a great and affordable party city. You’ll be pleased to hear that the saying, ‘Prague’s beer is cheaper than the water’, is absolutely true, making the nights out fun but does make your hangover less so…

Grace Sansom

Nottingham '21

Grace Sansom (gracesansom2@gmail.com) Second Year English Student Reviewer