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Review: Olivia Neill X Motel Rocks… Worth the Hype?

Youtuber Olivia Neill will be a familiar name to the majority of young people, amassing nearly 3 million followers on various different platforms. Starting her influencing career back in July 2019, she has become one of the most trendy and popular influencers in the industry. Therefore, it didn’t come as a total surprise when she announced her collection with fashion brand Motel Rocks in April 2020. She has gone on to drop an A/W (Autumn/Winter) collection earlier this month, paving the way for fresh autumn fashion inspiration and forcing competing fashion brands to get their act together. A little bit about Motel Rocks – founded in the late 1990s it presents itself as a vintage brand specialising in prints and ‘hottest new trends’, with constant new drops and unique pieces for everyone to get their hands on. Being an Olivia fan myself, she has always harped on about how much she loves Motel and the quality of their clothes. Here’s what I picked up:

Motel X Olivia Neill Drop Two

  1. Cavita Jacket in PU Black

My absolute favourite piece of clothing she dropped was the Cavita Jacket in PU Black. Leading on from A/W fashion in 2020, the leather jacket continues to be a popular choice to spice up any outfit. With an oversized fit, it fulfills the criteria that any Y2K girl may want. I picked this jacket up myself and haven’t taken it off since! You can dress it up and down – to a coffee date with baggy jeans and some air force, or with a black mini skirt and knee-high boots for that fancy evening look. It is on the pricier side at £75, however with the code SOCIAL25 you get 25% off! These types of mock vintage jackets have been seen on Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, so head to the Motel Rocks website for that streetwear style!

  • Shaya Tank Top in Green

Second on my list was this little green sweater vest retailing at £40. When I first added this to my basket at the original launch I thought it would be cute. Sweater vests seemed to make a quick appearance back in late 2020, and whilst I never hopped on the trend, I did quite like the look of them. However I started to think, how much use I would realistically get out of it? The idea of sustainability popped up and I did the test of how many outfits could I stretch out of it. The fact I don’t have this in my wardrobe now answers for itself!

  1. Concesa Cami Top in Desert Terrain Tan

Lastly, this little cami top retails for £23. I love the tiger print pattern and paired with the Cavita jacket is just perfect. Considering we’re all back in the clubs this year, I have a feeling my housemates might get sick of seeing me in it! The only gripe I had was that I had to size up as it was a bit ill-fitting around the sides. Once again, with a skirt or jeans this top has definitely been a winner for me.

All in all, Miss Olivia Neill has really outdone herself with this collection and I think this will be the beginning of her successful career. I just wish I had the money to buy it all!

Georgia Hulme

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Hi I’m Georgia and I’m in my final year studying English at the University of Nottingham! In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog and anything fashion related :)
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