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Review: The Nottingham Glee Comedy Club

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


The Glee comedy club, situated a two minute walk from the train station, is perfect for an alternative student night out. At only £5 student price (plus booking fee) you also get £6 vouchers to spend behind the (admittedly not inexpensive) bar, and have around two hours of comedy to enjoy on every Friday or Saturday night. Perfect for a group of friends, a date or even somewhere to take your parents when they visit (provided you don’t mind the awkwardness of the very sexual content of many of the acts!). My verdict? 4.5 stars out of 5: potentially my highest ever rating since being at HC Notts!

The structure of the acts is pretty standard: there is the compere who introduces the show and each of the four amateur comedians. You won’t be getting Michael McIntyre or Frankie Boyle in these amateur nights (they have special nights for the big names) but nevertheless, the acts were still extremely good. I think I have found my new favourite female comedian after my visit last weekend (sorry Sarah Millican) her name was Dana Alexander, go check her out!

This sounds amazing, I hear you cry, why didn’t it get 5 stars? Well, my main issue was with the compere; his jokes were not only vulgar but just not funny. Although I wouldn’t say he was enough to put me off going again, you do have to be prepared for jokes on race, sexuality and a massive overuse of that swear word. The comperes (and indeed the acts) change every week however, so each time it’s a bit hit and miss as to who you will see.  

That aside, the other comedians were on point and not only did the bar gave you your £6 worth of tokens but it also had a happy hour once the show was finished. This certainly made up for the slightly expensive drink prices we encountered earlier in the evening and, overall, our night out was a fun and unique one. Tempted? You should be!

See the link below for upcoming acts and how to book!



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