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Review: Mick Jenkins and Co Perform for the Bungalows & Bear 10th Anniversary Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

On the 17th of November, Mick Jenkin’s blessed Sheffield’s intimate music/bar venue: Bungalows and Bears, with music alongside a panoply of artists co-signed by Jamzsupernova from BBC Radio One Xtra.

If you didn’t know already, Mick hails from Chicago and is among the crowd of Hip Hop superstars being pioneered by the popular artist, Chance the Rapper. He is known for his Jazzy, mellow music and lyrics associated with a constant metaphor of telling people to “drink more water”. In this Bungalows and Bears performance he performs songs from his three most recent projects ‘The Waters’, ‘Waves’ and ‘The Healing Component’ (which is somewhat of a departure from the water theme).

Mick came in with a lot of energy and interaction with the audience- both within the performances of the songs and in between tracks for example he kept the crowd repeating the mantra “Drink more water!” throughout the set. One of the most memorable moments involved him asking the crowd to sing the conscious hook of his song ‘Martyrs’. I recall my friend who actually comes from Chicago saying that our (UK) crowd was much more receptive than her own crowd usually is at her own home.

Bungalows and Bears, A small, intimate, pub venue.

The supporting artists had a variety of rap genres between them, ranging from Hip Hop music to grime. One of my favourites were The North Aze, a duo of rappers who have a fast delivery over mellow instrumentals. Other noteworthy performances came from AJ Carter who gave the audience an exciting and energised performance.

Overall the night was very fun. Mick really knows how to put on a show and I really feel like I’ve gotten an one of a kind experience. I suppose the only downside to the event would be that the venue was quite small – I do recall Mick complaining that the stage was too small for him to jump and move around like he normally would – but that’s only a small issue.

Mick Jenkins’ UK tour has just ended but when he comes back, (which I’m sure he will) please, I implore you go out to see him. You won’t regret it!

Edited by: Jess Greaney


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