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Review: Kitty Cafe – It’s More Than Cats!

After having multiple recommendations in my time in Nottingham, I decided it was finally time to see what all the fuss was all about and visit the Kitty Café situated on Friar Lane in the city centre. The Kitty Café is designed for the use of humans, cat lovers and most importantly, cats. The café works as a cat rescue and re-homing facility, majority of the cats have been rescued and given a home by the café. It also runs an adoption service where families can address interest in the cats and eventually, take them to a caring and loving home that they deserve!

Now, moving onto my experience of the café…

Upon arrival, you must pay £6 pounds to enter the café itself. This goes towards the health and wellbeing of the cats. In addition, you are given a set of rules designed by the supervisors to ensure that the cats are respected and to establish a happy, friendly environment is maintained. The café provides both entertainment in the form of playing with cats and a small café menu including gluten free, vegan and vegetarians options.

Pepperoni and Mozzarella Panini 

The café provides a range of dishes from sweet to savoury including pizzas, Paninis, cakes, milkshakes, coffee and a wide variety of tea all at a decent price. In addition, the café is unique because it allows you to choose the toppings you want for your panini, pizza and jacket potatoes. This ultimately gives a wide variety catering for all diets and cravings! I opted for a Panini with mozzarella and pepperoni which went down a treat. It came with a small salad on the side and was a decent portion size. I believe the café is relatively cheap and gives generous portion sizes. Also, the service was very fast and we were given our orders within 15 minutes.

Due to how busy and popular the café is, you are only allowed a one hour time slot. Although this is very limiting in terms of balancing both eating and playing with the cats, I highly recommend eating first. Because as soon as the food comes, the cats become more generous. But don’t worry, the café provides netted food covers in the unlikely case that a cat might knock your food over…

The café’s funky décor suits both the cats and visitors- comfortable arm chairs and sofas proved very comfortable and relaxing.

You are allowed to walk around the café to play with the cats and kittens who have chosen to come out of their snug to welcome you.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Kitty Café and would love to visit again due to the happy service and how comfortable and open the café was, allowing the cats to venture around and greet us. I would advise that you book a table in advance as it can get very busy.  

We also made some furry friends…

Moreover, I would advise…  

  • Definitely book a table beforehand as it can get very busy especially during the school holidays.  

  • Try and go with a group of 4-5 people as you get a bigger seating area with more apparatus for the cats = more playing time!  

  • You only get an hour slot – I would suggest only going for tea, coffee or cake. Although you can enquire about having more time! 

For more information on how to book, the café and more about the cats and their names visit: https://kittycafe.co.uk/cafe/nottingham/ 

Ana Grant

Nottingham '18

Hi my name is Ana, I am currently a third year student studying Media and Communication at the University of Nottingham. I am a reviewer for Her Campus Nottingham :)
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