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Review: The Infant at New Theatre

3 STARS ***

Truth be told, I had no idea what to expect when going into see this play. I came out just as I’d entered, if not more confused.

This gripping play danced on the edge of madness with acting, strong imagery and a hidden message.

This production boasts some deeply impressive performances. Jess Lundholm and Emma Kendall as the uncanny duo Samedi and Castogan, respectively, had everyone’s attention from the outset, especially the unhinged Castogan, who entranced and unsettled me at the same time.

Nottingham New Theatre newcomer Feargal Murphy has also made a name for himself with wonderful physical acting and a genuine fear in his eye that makes you wonder if he’ll sprint from the stage at a moment’s notice from sheer terror. Amy Brough-Allen didn’t captivate as easily by appearing to be as actively terrified as her cast mates, but Kendall’s theatrical histrionics easily kept the audience’s attention.

The staging of the play was sometimes awkward; one or two of the transitions between scenes was clunky – although, as with most opening nights, that is to be expected. The fourth wall nature of the stage hands is rather ingenious, leaving the audience wondering as how much of the play can be interpreted as a hallucination. The use of the props consolidated a sense of realism that kept this play firmly rooted in some form of truth.

The humour and comedic timing combined with the macabre storyline left the audience unsure of whether to laugh or not; although it can be assured that Lundholm and Kendall pulled out laugh after laugh as easily as breathing. For an interesting evening and one quite fitting for Halloween, I recommend this play to everyone – only if you can work out what on Earth is going on for us!

Edited by Harriet Dunlea

I'm a History, Russian and Spanish student at the University of Nottingham, England. I am a Youtube Presenter for that chapter, as of this September, and I love reading, movies and cooking.
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