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After two years of cancelled shows, Example returned to live performances this year on his ‘Every Hit & All The New Bangers’ UK tour, and he did not disappoint.

Elliot Gleave, better known by his stage name Example, is a British singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer, who rose to fame with his electronic dance and hip hop tracks, topping UK charts throughout the 2000s. His songs were so widely received, and continue to be to this day, that I’d be surprised if you didn’t recognise some of his well-known hits. My friends and I were therefore eager to see Example in his element after years without live performances!

On the 4th February, Rock City opened its doors to the London-born artist for a sold out show. The doors opened at 7:30pm, and despite Example not making his way to stage until 9:30pm, the place quickly packed out. Excited fans ranged from middle-aged couples, to ravers, to uni students looking for a fun night! It was quite the mixed demographic.

With over five support acts including MCs Plain Old Kev, Local, and the Brazilian singer Nonô, the crowd were fully entertained for the two hours prior to Example’s set. Each act added to the ever-increasing hype, and built up the anticipation throughout the venue ensuring all were ready for the main event. My personal favourite of the support acts had to be Plain Old Kev, who’s bold stage presence and catchy songs made for a lively and distinct set.

Eventually, Example made his way to the stage, greeted by the lively crowd of 2,000. His performance was fully engaging, with hits such as ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’ and ‘Kickstarts’ getting the crowd jumping and singing along. The artist also performed some of his new material including the recently released track ‘Never Let You Down’ featuring Penny Ivy, which was well-received by the crowd despite its’ unfamiliarity.

Rock City’s strobe lighting and powerful speakers truly brought Example’s set to life by generating a truly atmospheric quality. Example’s appreciation for the crowd similarly added to the ambience. With repeated acknowledgement for his fans, the artist’s humbleness shone through and made the night even more enjoyable for those who attended.

Closing the gig with his iconic song ‘Changed The Way You Kiss Me’, Example finished on a high and left the crowd with adrenaline in their system. Overall it was a hype-filled evening, and I’d recommend Example’s live performances to anyone even remotely interested.

Though watch out for the mosh pits!

Head of Reviews for Nottingham 21/22 Final year English & French undergraduate!
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