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Review: Estrid Shaving Subscription

‘Hair removal should be optional. Great hair removal shouldn’t.’


Estrid is the Swedish shaving subscription service which is changing the way women use shaving products and view body hair. It is up to you whether you remove your body hair or not, but if you do, Estrid is worth investigation. This is an online-based subscription service which revolves around YOUR body and YOUR needs, without having to deal with the ‘pink tax’ (that we all try to avoid). 


1 in 3 women choose men’s razors over women’s. Why? The ‘pink tax’. Research suggests women pay 42% more for razors than men, despite the razors performing and appearing highly similar. Self-care products are usually the most targeted, with razors and skincare 


Estrid’s starter pack kit includes a steel handle (in shade blush, cloud, space, peach or lemonade), a wall holder and two cartridges. Once this order has been placed, Estrid will deliver four more cartridges to your door as frequently as you need – for £9.95. Estrid coats the five-blade razor in cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera, and recommends changing these blades every two weeks…depending on how much you shave. 


Estrid promises free shipping always, and this is usually through UPS (my order came in three days!). For every purchase made, a donation is made to organisations which work to support women and gender equality globally (like the Fawcett Society). The packaging is gorgeous, the razors glide against your skin, shipping is climate compensated and you can cancel your subscription at any time – without hidden costs. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in avoiding the pink tax and saving money – without having to settle for a less precise shave. 


Oh, and did I mention it’s all vegan?

Hannah Sutton

Nottingham '22

20 - Editor in Chief @ Nottingham
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