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Review: Edin’s Kitchen and Edin’s Deli Cafe

4 and 5 Stars

A comforting hug hidden in Nottingham’s edgier streets. You are welcomed into Edin’s by an authentic ambiance and some seriously delightful food.

So, your parents are coming on the traditional parent-child visit to verify three main things: you are working, you are sleeping and you are eating. Oh, and of course to envelop you in familial love. After months consuming the staple student diet of penne pasta, oven chips and cereal dinners, you eagerly anticipate the prospect of a wholesome meal (whilst seeing your parents is obviously the chief source of excitement, the food has to come in a close second). As student meals out are few and far between, when given the responsibility of locating a desirable restaurant for the standard parent-student meal, it can come as a bit of a challenge. I am, therefore, here to help, as only last night was I faced with this situation and I have to say I am a little proud, owing this pride to the Edin’s chain, an arguably little-known company hidden in the heart of Nottingham.


Uniquely, Edin’s has two bases within Nottingham’s town centre. There’s Edin’s Kitchen, a place more lunch orientated, and Edin’s Deli Café, more so frequented for dinner. Both offer breakfast and it is up to you whether you’d like to adhere to that  healthy eating regime you keep telling yourself you’ll maintain with a helping of warm porridge or kick start your day with a full blown English breakfast. As someone who prefers to treat themselves at dinner (it gives you something to look forward to during the day) and as a vegetarian, I would recommend Edin’s Deli Café. Although the food is of equally high standard, and I cannot deny the Kitchen their fresh smoothies, moreish cakes and brie, pesto and sundried tomato toasties, the variety offered at the Deli is greater.

The variety in part is owing to Tapas being on the menu, who wouldn’t want lots of little dishes with lots of different food, an indecisive girl’s (i.e. me) dream. Delight in deep fried brie, Greek salad, honeyed fried aubergine, chicken goujons and garlic mushrooms, full of taste, full of nutrition, leaving you full and unable to move in an extremely satisfied way. If Tapas is not for you, do not be deterred. If you favour your set meals, your set portion, welcome the two course set menu. Both the Kitchen and the Deli offer this, but be aware that their menus are different and the price goes up after 5pm. In two hours or so you could be enjoying a fig, stilton and parma ham salad followed by Lincoln sausages with spicy lentil and coriander stew at the Kitchen, or grilled tuna, roast peppers and basil with lemon tart for dessert at the Deli, either way, you’re in for a treat. Something else to be aware of is that the menus change regularly according to seasonal availability, so check before frequenting as I don’t want you to look forward to those Lincolnshire sausages, only to find out there are no sausages on the menu.

  The delicious cakes at the Kitchen


   The unmissable spicy lentil stew 

The array of food does not end there. If Tapas doesn’t take your fancy and you have room only for one course, the answer is the Specials board. I chose this option last night, opting for a roasted vegetable and feta quiche, though not because I didn’t have room for two courses, quite the contrary, the quiche sounded scrumptious and I had spotted a raspberry and chocolate truffle cake on entry, concluding that not devouring a piece was simply not an option. I can still taste it now, the creamy texture, the rich chocolate, the sweet bursts of raspberries, reminding you that you’re having one of your five-a-day (sort of). I cannot finish without giving a special mention to the gloriously flavoursome spicy lentil stew with fried halloumi and courgette fritter, my mum’s meal of choice and a choice that we all need to make.

Edin’s is authentic; it is warming and homely at the same time as being romantically atmospheric. Whether you’re reuniting with your family or you’re on a first date, Edin’s is ideal, ready and waiting with arms outstretched.

Visit Edin’s now!-

Edin’s Kitchen: 15 Carlton Street, NG1 1NL

Edin’s Deli Café: 15 Broad Street, NG1 3AJ


Edited by Georgina Varley








English student at the University of Nottingham
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