Review: Coco Tang Cocktail Bar

Set in the heart of Nottingham city centre, Coco Tang is tucked underground and, although difficult to find (I walked back and forth many times!), it is definitely worth a venture downstairs.

Spooky season had hit the bar and it was nicely decorated with ghosts and ghouls although what was disappointing was that the only cocktails on offer were those that were Halloween specials – we opted for the ‘joker’ and ‘zombie’ cocktail.

The drinks were impressively made with the bartender carefully creating the cocktails that turned out to be rather aesthetically pleasing as well as tasting fruity but being very strong! After a round of cocktails, we opted for something different and the staff were accommodating as they didn’t have my personal favourite – elderflower gin! Instead, the bartender improvised and mixed gin, elderflower cordial and lemonade which, although pricey, again tasted great. 

What I particularly liked about Coco Tang was its setting. The underground atmosphere, the stylish lighting and the music all contributed to creating a contemporary, funky and groovy atmosphere. Even the toilets were modern, making them the perfect place to get a good selfie! Moreover, the lay out of the bar itself meant that each visit could almost be a different experience as there were multiple areas to sit in with cute tables that lit up and low hanging lamps creating an intimate atmosphere. The 80’s style dancefloor which was filling up just as I was leaving, is also worth a mention!

However, Coco Tang’s pitfall was its lack of advertising and the way it sells itself. If I hadn’t heard about this place through word of mouth, I wouldn’t have known it existed. Walking through the city centre it is so easy to walk past the entrance as there are no signs or lights inviting customers inside until you actually enter the building itself. Being such a good place to meet friends, go on dates or even pre before hitting Crisis it really should sell itself more!

This being said, my overall experience of Coco Tang was one of *tipsy* enjoyment with good company, good drinks and good vibes. The Halloween theme made it a little more fun and exciting with the drinks being very creative – I can’t wait to return and try out the full cocktail menu next time! This place is one hundred percent worth a visit if you’re in Nottingham and fancy treating yourself to a drink or two away from the pub environment, so I rate it 4 out of 5 stars!

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