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When my closest friend asked me to go with her to see her favourite band, The Amazons, I was slightly hesitant. I’d only heard two of their most well-known songs – Black Magic and Junk Food Forever - so I didn’t think I could hack an hour and a half of music I didn’t know and thought I didn’t like. By the end of the gig, however, I came out of Rock City, albeit looking like a hot mess from the crowd, having gained a new band to add to my ever-growing Spotify playlist and had a great night of music with my friend.

            Haven’t heard of The Amazons? They’re a rock band from Reading and are proud to celebrate their connections to the town. Matt, the charismatic frontman with the best red hair in the industry, shouted over the crowd that they’re ‘a band from Reading, you might have heard of us’ and was met with enthusiasm from the packed venue. I also have to mention his amazing outfit, a black suit embellished front and back with glittery stars, something I’d definitely wear if I was in a rock band, or let’s be honest, if I’m feeling adventurous on my next night out! One thing I immediately noticed, perhaps due to not going to the gig as a mega fan myself, was the wide variety of people the concert had attracted, and who presumably call themselves fans of the band. From an excitable group of fifteen-year-olds next to us and a young couple very much in love, a passion that clearly extended to their music as they sang every line together, to lines of older men rather solemnly nodding along. This range of people is probably down to the change across their two albums: ‘The Amazons’ and their latest release ‘Future Dust.’ Their first album definitely has an alternative sound, while ‘Future Dust’ is more rock, with higher energy and drum and guitar solos. 

            As I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t really a fan of the band and finding myself in a room full of rock lovers was quite disorientating, especially during the support act Demob Happy. I could barely hear what the lead singer was saying! I came out of the gig, however, knowing more songs and I’ve been listening to their first album on repeat (maybe I should have done my preparation before, so I didn’t look completely out of place…) If you strip back their songs to the lyrics, many are about being alone and failed love, and my favourites include Ultraviolet - check out the acoustic version if, like me, rock isn’t always your thing. 

            Rock City never disappoints for live music, being the UK’s leading independent music venue. If you’ve only experienced Rock City for Crisis or its other club nights, then you’re definitely not appreciating what a great place for all things music it offers here in Nottingham.




Emma Stirland

Nottingham '21

Editor-in-Chief for Nottingham 20/21 3rd Year English Language and Literature student A bit of a coffee addict, lover of cats and candles and modernist literature
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