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Review: Is 4550 Miles From Delhi Worth The Distance?

Greetings foodies! This week I decided to become a bit more adventurous as it's important to broaden your horizons when it comes to food, and this encouraged me to dive into the depths of Indian cuisine. My boyfriend is a bigger foodie than me and his thing is spice, so his suggestion was to go and visit 4550 Miles From Delhi.

As Delhi is recognised as the Food Capital of India, the name left me curious to discover what Delhi cuisine was really all about. The website claims that the owners have “tried to re-create the magic of vintage Delhi curry flavour in their specially cherry-picked medley of Indian dishes”. This statement in itself made me curious to find out if these culinary delights were really all that delightful.



When out for dinner I usually don’t bother with starters as it makes it harder to finish my mains, but as they say, "when in Rome..." or Delhi this time! We ordered the ‘Mixed Vegetable Pakora’ which consist of crisp nuggets of onion, vegetables and spices delicately coated in batter and deep fried.

I tend to prefer starters when they are warm and this definitely made this dish taste more delicious as it was served with sauce and a small salad on the side. The good thing about 4550 Miles from Delhi is that it has visual aids of peppers to determine how spicy the food is so your prepared.

The second starter I tried was the ‘Aloo Tikki’ which consisted of shallow fried potato cakes with asafoetida tempered peethi of peas and was served with two contrasting chutneys as well as sweet and spicy yogurt and tamarind. I honestly wasn’t that impressed with the Aloo Tikki as I didn’t realise it was served cold, but I think it has potential if served warm.


Main Courses

For mains, I decided not to venture out of my comfort zone too much so I ordered a classic Tikka Masala and Pilau rice. As this is my favourite Indian dish and I have tried it at various Indian restaurants, I was sceptical to see if it would reach the standards I was hoping for.

The curry itself and the chicken was exquisite, and I can honestly say the Pilau rice was the best I’ve ever had. I asked the waiter if I could have it served with mild spice, and they altered it for me which was really considerate as it made me enjoy my meal more. My boyfriend ordered the ‘Goan Fish Curry’ which is a dish from the western coast of India and this spicy delicacy of fish is cooked in a coconut-based smooth gravy in combination with a side of Naan bread. I tried some of his and although I’m not a big fan of fish curry, I thought it tasted good.



I forgot to take a picture to show you guys, but my boyfriend ordered the Mango lassi which is a blend of yogurt, spices and mango. It originates from the Indian Subcontinent, and traditionally is a savoury drink that is flavoured with ground and roasted cumin. I’ve never tried any sort of Lassi before but this drink was honestly so delicious, so I would definitely recommend getting yourself one!


Want to know more about what they have to offer? Go follow and keep up with these guys on social media:

Website: http://4550milesfromdelhi.co.uk

Facebook: @4550milesfromdelhi

Twitter: @4550Nottingham


Bon Appetit, food lovers!


By Tara Antoni

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