A review of 400 Rabbits cocktail bar

If you’re anything like me, you will always be up for trying out a quirky cocktail bar with a group of friends! So when a friend from home decided to visit me spontaneously, I knew that we should visit 400 Rabbits which offered us a chance to try out some unique drinks in a cool and contemporary Mexican setting.

Situated up the forgotten Hurts Yard alleyway in the city centre, this compact tequila bar certainly holds a lot of charm. As Nottingham’s first and only dedicated Mezcaleria, Tequila and cocktail den, 400 rabbits have earned itself a very loyal fan base, however not many people are aware of its existence. This is part of what draws people in, the idea of a hidden treasure amongst a big city that is just for you and your friends to enjoy.

The idea behind the spirit of the cocktail bar has a very rich history. It is inspired by the Ancient Aztecs who lived in Mexico who worshipped a whole pantheon of mythical Gods, one being Mayahuel, the fiery Goddess of Alcohol. The 400 Rabbits were responsible for guarding the precious alcohol belonging to Mayahuel however legend says that they instead got drunk and partied, hence the name of this ‘party animal’ that is this bar.

This sense of history and culture is evident in the décor as soon as you enter. When my friend and I arrived, we were greeted by upbeat music, vibrant colours, mis-matched chairs, funky sofas, and fairy lights. There are several nooks and crannies to sit and enjoy a fresh cocktail or two. It generated a really relaxed vibe that makes the place stand out amongst other bars I have visited in this city. One thing to note upon arrival is that there is always a random film playing on one wall. You can’t really hear it very well (although that may just be me), but it is an enjoyable quirkiness.

We found that the drinks menu was extensive and unique: as well as the ‘usual’ range of wines and beers, we were highly intrigued by the likes of ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘Bunny Boiler’. All of the cocktails and Mezcals are made to order with helpful guidance on what you might like. The staff were so kind that they even made us a cocktail with whiskey, which wasn’t on the menu. As it was an after-dinner decision to go for a drink, we both initially opted for fruity drinks that were garnished with fresh strawberries and mint. Certainly not everyone’s taste but it was perfect for us. Our second round of drinks were lavishly presented in earthenware containers and mason jars – very aesthetic for those of us who love a good Snapchat opportunity.

We headed to the second floor of the venue which was decorated with Mexican day-of-the-dead paraphernalia on the walls and ceilings. Up there they had a range of fun games like Jenga and Connect 4 which sounds bizarre but is actually very fun when slightly tipsy. It is also great to see people following long hard days at work enjoying these childhood games and remembering funny stories about when they used to play. My friend and I both opted to play a game of table football that was upstairs (I won 😊). Often in cocktail bars there is always the perfectly-crafted range of drinks along with great conversation, but this bar has both these factors and the added element of these fun activities which provides extra sparkle.

Overall, the only criticism I can think of is that the bartenders were slow at making the drinks, but this was not too much of a pain and they engaged in good conversation. The drinks they made were exceptionally crafted and tasted wonderful so definitely made up for the time. With drinks priced relatively cheaply, fun games, and a chilled atmosphere, I highly recommend 400 Rabbits to any group of friends and couples looking for a casual spot to have a well-crafted drink.  


Images are writer's own