The Pros and Cons of Friends With Benefits

Some FWB hook-ups are mutually convenient for both parties, particularly if both individuals are not interested in much more than sex. However, whilst it may have been a happy ending for Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in 'Friends with Benefits’, not every ‘no strings attached’ hook-up ends in a happy ever after. In fact, some recent studies into this type of relationship have proven that they can actually be bad for you. So, whilst there can be many positive aspects to no-strings attached agreements as alternatives to relationships, everything does, however, come with a downside.


1. Pro: Sex and only Sex

For some people, it is believed that sex without any feelings or emotional intimacy is almost impossible. For others, separating romantic feelings from sex comes easy. For these people, FWB relationships can be very simple as two consenting adults, who are both physically attracted to one another, are able to mutually agree that they expect nothing more than sex from each other. This means not having to spend money on dates, not feeling obligated to spend lots of time with the other person and not feeling tied down by commitment.


2. Con: Feelings can get caught

It can be difficult to completely shut off feelings for someone you're having sex with, particularly if this FWB was a close friend prior to your hook-ups. Once you start having sex with a close friend, things start to get messy. For some people, it can be difficult to maintain that 'just sex’ mentality, and in this case it's important to discuss your feelings with your FWB and consider whether or not the agreement is really beneficial.



3. Pro: It's great for confidence Building!

Taking a friendship to the comfort of your bedroom can only mean that you're extremely comfortable with your friend. It's important to have sex with someone you're comfortable with, and the more comfortable you are, the more sexually confident you are. You can definitely learn a few things from your experience.


4. Con: Jealousy

You may not notice that feelings have been caught until the green - eyed monster shows up. When you're unable to detach romantic feelings from sex it can be difficult to avoid getting jealous when your FWB decides to start seeing other people. For some people, when the feelings occur it means it's time to walk away before things get weird. For others, it might be worth checking in on your FWB to see if these feelings are mutual and perhaps the agreement may need a little tweaking.


5. Pro: Your options stay open

Without the commitment of a serious relationship, who's to say you can't happily see other people? As long as you and your FWB are in a strictly 'sex only' relationship, you can allow yourself to get to know other people without the risk or guilt that comes with hurting someone.


In simplicity, you've got to think twice before agreeing to a no - strings attached hook-up. The type of person you are really does determine whether or not a friends with benefits relationship is truly beneficial to you. 


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Edited by Georgina Varley