President of Women's Basketball: Eleanor Bishop

After hearing about their amazing performance at last year’s Varsity match, I decided it would be a good idea to catch up with the current President of the Women’s Basketball Society, Eleanor Bishop, to find out about their upcoming season and a bit more about her and her role as President.

How did the team perform last season?

“Last season was great! We won our BUCS league and the national cup! We also (most importantly) won varsity.”

And how are you performing this season? (If it has started already)

“The season hasn't started yet but training has been going really well. We have a new American scholar and some very talented freshers!”

Who would you say are your biggest threat?

“I think it would have to be Trent. Varsity was very close last year and we know that they are keen for revenge. They got promoted last year too so are in our league now and coming for us!”

What does being president of the team actually mean? 

“Being president basically means taking care of the whole club, making sure the committee are fulfilling their roles and representing the club in the wider university sports community. At the moment my responsibilities seem to be everything! The last couple of weeks have been manic with trials and registrations. We had over 100 girls trial this year which was a new club record and challenging to say the least. I have to help pick the teams, organise events and generally make sure that all the players are getting the most out of the club.”

What made you want to play basketball?

“That's a good question. I never thought basketball would be the sport for me. I played football religiously until I got to middle school and basketball took over from there really! I loved it straight away.”

What would you say to anyone reading this or any students already interested in wanting to play?

“PLAY! We have so many opportunities to play here at Notts, with 3 girls’ and guys’ teams and a fantastic IMS programme - there really is a space for anyone! It is such a nice club to be involved with, my best friends are basketballers!

Have you trained in the new sports facilities?

“Unfortunately not yet. From next week we will be in there permanently which is very exciting. I have heard from the guys though that the floor is very springy haha!”

Now for some questions aside from basketball…what is your most embarrassing moment in Crisis?

“Falling asleep on the balcony.”

Favourite song at the moment?

“James Arthur- Say You Won't Let Go.”

Favourite three films?

“The Notebook, About Time, Gone Girl.”

Favourite food?

“CHOCOLATE or chicken nuggets.”

Funniest moment on court?

“Oh dear, I once shot in the wrong basket and scored for the other team!”


Edited by Jess Shelton