The Perfect Indoor Pot Plants for Plant Killers

Indoor plants are great. If the fact they look amazing isn’t enough to justify spending far too much money at the plant sale on top of the Portland steps, you should do it for your health. Apparently, house plants can really lift your mood and improve the air quality. Chic and healthful!

The only slight problem with them (other than the price), is the small detail of keeping them alive. I’m hoping this little guide might help you in choosing one which you’ve got *more* of a chance of success with, or maybe assist you if you’re already a plant parent. Here are some things to consider.

Your Light Levels

It’s no surprise that different house plants thrive in different conditions. So actually, while that cactus with the pom-pom you bought might look good on your desk, it may actually prefer your windowsill. If you drew the short straw and got a dingy downstairs room in your uni house that doesn’t get much natural light, some better options for you might be ferns or pothos because they don’t need an abundance of light to thrive. If, however, you were lucky enough to bag a south facing upstairs room with loads of light, a sunlight-loving cactus might be a better choice.

H20 Hiccups

Once you’ve selected a suitable plant for your room’s brightness, or maybe moved your fern off the windowsill, you need to think about its nourishment. If you’re likely to regularly forget to water it after a long week of lectures, it’s probably best to choose something low maintenance, like a snake plant, succulent or cactus. They’re used to arid conditions, so can deal with not getting much attention.

But if like me, your levels of procrastination from uni work extend to preferring to tend to your plants rather than get on with coursework, be wary. Too much enthusiasm and being overly heavy handed with the multiple-trips-to-the-kitchen-saving Sports Direct Mug, might actually be as damaging as neglecting them. To ensure you don’t drown your plants, touch the soil with your finger beforehand. If it feels super dry and crispy, give it a little water.

If you’ve accidentally ignored it for a few weeks and the plant itself has some sad brown leaves sprouting, trim it, give it some water and see what happens. They do this to conserve energy. It won’t get the chance to restore to its former beauty if it’s been angrily thrown in the bin.

Your Space Situation

Again, unless you lucked out and bagged the big room in the house, it’s unlikely you’ll have space for a dramatic plant, like a Boston fern or bird of paradise. But, those are some amazing options if you are looking to expand your collection at home, where you probably have a little more space. If you just want something small and sweet to perch on your desk or bedside table, the safe bet is a few succulents and cacti.

And honestly, those 3 things; light, water and space, are all you need to keep in mind when caring for houseplants. So really, being a plant parent isn’t too difficult after all!

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