The Overlooked Style Trends In Shrek

Shrek. A family favourite, good laugh and a love story for the ages that inspires us to embrace our inner ogres... The film persists in memes and features in viral videos to this day. An all-round modern classic, you might say. But what the world often neglects to see, is that the Shrek films are peppered with trend-setting characters. Let's have a look, shall we?


In suede or leather, block heeled or flat, the thigh high boot have had a revival of late. Paired with skinnies or skirts, celebs from Kate Moss to Olivia Palmero have absolutely nailed this laid-back put-together look. But let’s not forget who wore it first… Yes, that’s right. The sassy Spaniard feline friend Puss in Boots. With a feather in his hat, he gives an exotic twist to the aforementioned piece. No longer seen as cheap, and now the hallmark of class. Maybe hold back on the musketeer sword though.


Prince charming may be a spoilt brat, but he was far ahead of the times when picking out his blouses. The peter pan collar detailing on shirts blew up a few years ago, but is still a favourite of many celebs today. As seen on Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan, it gives a classy edge to any look. Matching blue tights optional.




Victoria Secret models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been rocking the clear glasses look recently, but KenGi are only following suit from The Land of Far Far Away’s very own Fairy Godmother. Bonus points to FG because her frames match her dress. SPECtacular.





Before Alexa Chung, there was Lord Farquaad. The long bob is the hairstyle of the moment, and no one wears it better than the tinyking Farquaad. Evil genius, sure, but great hair. Swings and roundabouts – you can't win them all.


Edited by Sarah Holmes