Is Online Dating Worth a Try?

According to research, online dating is the second most popular way to begin a relationship. You could probably list several websites where people seem to be finding love, however, despite your curiosity, you can't seem to bring yourself to create a profile.

 For some people it's as simple as clicking on a profile, starting a conversation and then arranging a romantic dinner date. For others, the idea of meeting someone you found on a dating website is strange, possibly risky, and somewhat awkward. The experience of online dating certainly differs from person to person. The truth is that there are several misconceptions about online dating that prevent people from trying it, or even encourage people to delve into it with unrealistic expectations.

Someone once told me that online dating is like public farting. Not many people will admit to it, but some people do. Unlike farting in public, however, the stigma that comes with dating online is quickly disappearing. In fact, you'll be surprised at how many people you know who are online dating. It's no longer just associated with creepy Internet geeks. Of course there's always the horrifying thought of someone you know seeing your profile, but really, what is there to be embarrassed about? Remember, more people are trying it than you realise. If someone you know judges you for trying a new dating technique, then perhaps they're just not very open-minded about it. Most dating profiles can only be viewed by members, so you don't have to worry about family or friends stumbling across yours, unless of course they're online dating too.

Meeting a stranger from the Internet is risky, however, it's no more unsafe than meeting someone at the pub or on a night out. If you're feeling worried about meeting them, than arrange to meet in a public place, or even ask a friend to accompany you. Once you meet them, you'll either find that they're exactly how you imagined, better than how you imagined, or absolutely nothing like you imagined them to be. Unfortunately, people lie on the Internet. Your date may have added a few extra inches to their height, or perhaps forgot to mention they were married. However, not all people lie. Many people realise it's better to be honest than looking stupid in front a potential partner.

Whether or not online dating is effective depends on the individual. There are several success stories and many horror stories. You'll find that the effectiveness of online dating is dependent on factors such as your location, age, personality type, and what you look for in a partner. No one can tell you if it's for you, but you won't know unless you give it a try!


Edited by Georgina Varley