One day left to #SwingtheVote

The next 5 years are crucial for thousands of 18-25 year olds all over the UK, many of whom are studying or working. So we can all probably agree that decisions made by the winners of the coming election will have huge consequences on possibly the most pivotal five years of our lives.

For 3.3 million young people, it'll be their first opportunity to vote. But the sad fact is that in 2010, less than half of 18–25 year olds voted. Compare that to 68% of pensioners who did vote. 

 “All the parties are the same” … “they don’t care about us” ... “it won’t make a difference” are just a few of the many reasons why young people might not register to vote and make their voices heard on May 7th.

Not only are these statements not true, but they aren’t good enough reasons for disengagement.


“It won’t make a difference”

We actually do have the power to change the outcome of this election. As you’re probably aware, the UK is currently run by a coalition government and the 2015 election looks set to be one of the closest elections ever. In 174 constituencies, the change in votes needed to alter the results is just 5%. If all the 18-25 year olds who didn’t get out to vote last time do vote this time, they would make up 8% of votes. Meaning that our generation could genuinely decide the result of this election!


“But the parties don’t care about us”

The more our generation leave politics to our parents and grandparents, the more we become misrepresented and not heard.

Think about it - if you’re a party running for office, you will protect the interests of those voting in order to win. At the moment, that’s older people. And as younger people statistically don’t vote in the large numbers, it’s not worth their time. If you don’t vote, you don’t count.

You have one day left to register to vote and by simply clicking the button and registering – which will take about three minutes - we are sending the message loud and clear that we do care and we do matter.

Politicians want something young people have and that’s 6.8 million votes.


Register here before it’s too late!


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Edited by Samantha Carey