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Must-have Apps for Any Exchange Students


Google Translate

Despite its often dreadful and literal translations you will get the gist. I must admit Google Translate was my best friend for the first few weeks, especially whilst dining out.

Price: Free


BT Smartalk

If you have a BT landline at home, install this handy app and make calls from you BT account using your phone. Meaning free landline and certain 08 calls.

Price: Free (BT customers only)


Taxi Apps

Uber is the most well known app, but every city is sure to have its own equivalent. Ask around and you’ll soon be pointed in the right direction – local students are always willing to help. These apps often provide cheaper rates and relieve you from the stress of having to hail down a taxi.

Price: Free


XE Currency

Always know if you’ve got yourself a bargain or should walk away with this handy app. Do be wary- not all banks and exchange bureaus use the same rates.

Price: Free


Google Maps

For any iPhone users, I would avoid Apple Maps and stick to the more reliable Google Maps. You’ll be surprised how often you turn to a map when you get lost in the first few weeks.

Price: Free



The majority of, if not all, airlines have mobile apps. Depending on whom you fly with, you may be asked to check in before you arrive and print your boarding pass. This can be done using the app and saves printing costs as well!

Price: Free



I’m sure Whatsapp is already the number one app on your phone. If not, it’s time to ditch the texts and revamp your messaging experience. Whatsapp allows you to catch up with friends and family no matter where you are in the world. If your place of study isn’t a fan of the app, they will definitely have their own equivalent! Others include WeChat and Kaokao Talk.

Price: Free for the first year



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