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ASHFIELDS have taken the Nottingham music scene by storm. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live a couple of times in Notts and the energy they bring to the stage is something I’ve never seen from a band before. The boys definitely bring something different to the table and their sound is unique.

I saw them play Bodega and honestly I don’t think I’ve seen a show quite like it. The chemistry between the band is something most bands tend to lack these days. You can see the guys bounce off each other and they have a bond that is pretty much unbreakable.

I have had the pleasure of listening to their new single ‘Live Your Life’ prior to its release on 16/11/17. It is an awesome song. As soon as it starts, it is incredibly upbeat, so you are immediately drawn in. The underlying message appears to be the importance of living your life for yourself and not following what others do. It’s a song that isn’t comparable to anything I have heard before. The beat behind the track works really well as it fits with the overall song and is almost pursuing the message of pushing to gain something more than just the ordinary.

ASHFIELDS describe themselves as indie pop and I couldn’t agree more. My favourite track of theirs personally would have to be ‘Is It Alright Now?’ It’s just an amazing song, and I think it’s relatable. Their music appeals to a wide audience as you can tell their songs come from experience and thus those experiences are able to be shared by their audience and thus their ever-growing army of fans continues to grow further. Their music isn’t limited to a young audience, it has a broad appeal which is rare for a band of relatively young ages themselves.

You can find their music on most of today’s popular music services. This band work incredibly hard and they deserve so much recognition. They have absolutely smashed the Nottingham music scene and have started to take their music outside of Nottingham and I really do believe that they have the potential to go very far. Their music is raw and you can hear the different emotions they experience through the variety of songs that they have released.

If you have the chance to, catch ASHFIELDS at their headline show at Rescue Rooms on the 16th December 2017.

Image Sources: https://www.facebook.com/ashfieldsband


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