Motivational YouTubers to Get You Through the Exam Season

Whether you’re the cool, calm and collected student over the exam/deadline period or you’re basically stumbling through the last 2 months of the academic year questioning whether you’ll make it through with a passing grade, YouTube can be the perfect platform to turn to for extra motivation.


There are an endless number of YouTube personalities, with modest to giant subscriber counts, whom I love watching from time to time to give me an extra work boost and reassure me that the world might not end just yet.


Here are some YouTubers with bulletproof study tips to help you develop a positive mindset in time for the exam season!


Thomas Frank


Most popular video:


Adopting a very straightforward, informational tone and engaging editing style, Thomas Frank, a 26-year-old Management Information Systems graduate (what a mouthful), is pretty much the king of life tips, making him very worthy of over a million subs. His videos tackle almost every question about studying and productivity you’ve ever had - from how to take notes faster to how to take the perfect productive nap.



TheStrive Studies


Most popular video:


When I need to block the rest of the world out and crack down on some intense revision, TheStrive Studies is my go-to channel for her ‘Study With Me’ videos. It’s exactly as it says on the tin; Jamie, a recently graduated medical student, films herself studying in real time, some videos with music and some without, offering you the perfect study conditions along with a motivating virtual companion to revise along with you.


She often uses the Pomodoro technique, defined as 25-minute study blocks followed by a 5-minute break, helping to split up those lengthy study sessions into easy-to-manage blocks. Her main channel, TheStriveToFit, includes ‘Day in the Life’ videos and medical school Q&As, so you can find even more inspiring content!



Holly Gabrielle


Most popular video:


Perhaps the most relatable of all the YouTubers mentioned, second year Cambridge University student Holly frequently vlogs about university life in Britain as well as her home life (with special guest appearances from her adorable cats!). 


It’s refreshing to see the experiences of a university student in the UK to compare with your own uni life, and she gives some amazing tips about how to stay focused for long periods of time. She also shares personal stories, recently talking about her fear of exam failure and how she deals with it.



Study with Jess


Most popular video:


Jess has the aesthetic and organization we all strive for, and whilst sometimes her videos make me want to spend a lot of money on pretty, expensive stationary, if you can control your urges she has some really useful study tips too.


Her videos are extremely helpful if you want to make your study space and your daily routines more organized, and has made videos to help all types of students - the morning worker, the late night worker, and the last minute crammer. She also offers advice for successful interviews and finding your dream career in the future.