The Most Insta-worthy Food Spots in Notts

Is there anything more enviable than an Instagram post of amazing food?  From cheese pulls to mirror glazed cakes, Instagram is full of pretty plates teasing hungry followers, but it’s not just foodies in New York who can get in on the action.  Here are some of the top places in Nottingham to head to for the perfect ‘foodstagram’…

For an exquisite back drop: Hockley Arts Club

Their amazing cocktails aside, Hockley are known for their enticing and ever-changing interiors.  No matter where you sit in this cocktail bar, the setting, and indeed the lighting, will be perfect for a picture of you and your friends - each with a cocktail in hand of course!

For the more camera shy, just a picture of their halogen lights or inventive cocktails will be enough to get likes flooding in.

For those with a sweet tooth: Pudding Pantry

This small and hidden gem is the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday capturing pictures of freakshakes and cakes.  If you can avoid temptation to start eating for long enough, this sun-soaked café provides excellent natural lighting to flatter food. 

Even if you and your followers are more health conscious, the Pudding Pantry offers delicious savoury options that work just as well in front of the camera.

For photos on the go: Doughnotts

Whether you’ve only had five for £1 doughnuts from the supermarket or have travelled to America for a Dunkin’ delicacy, doughnuts are the guilty pleasure of many people.  The amazing creations at Doughnotts will therefore undoubtedly get your followers double tapping.  Pop in as you pass through Market Square and choose a selection from their exciting variety of flavours!

If you’re new to the city and want to let your friends back at home know just how pretty Nottingham can be, then capture your box with Old Market Square in the background.

For the discerning foodie: George’s Great British Kitchen

When dining at George’s, it’s hard to decide which is prettier; the food or the beachy décor.  With runny scotch eggs, towering burgers and posh fish and chips to choose from, their starters and mains are just as insta-worthy as their candyfloss-laden cocktails and desserts. 

For a fun twist, take a picture in the seaside themed ‘your face here’ cut outs found at the entrance or use Instagram’s new multi-post option to capture both.

For the animal lover: The Kitty Café

If your Instagram posts largely consist of your pets, then the Kitty Café will give you a chance to mix things up a bit and let everyone know that you do leave the house every now and again.  If Instagram is full of anything, it’s cat lovers and coffee lovers, so combining the two is bound to make for a cute and interesting post.

So, whether you’re posting pics of sweet treats or sultry settings, Nottingham holds endless Instagram opportunities for those hoping to jazz up their feed with some tasty posts, proving that you don’t have to be an amazing chef or live in a fancy city to get in on the ‘foodstagram’ trend.


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