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Michael Fenton

Name: Michael Fenton

Hometown: London

Degree: Biology

Year: 2

Campus involvement: Part-time dodgeballer, full-time biosoccer

Dream job: The dream is to have a job in this economy, am I right? No, but do you know there’s a guy who makes sure Katy Perry’s boobs are in the right position before filming? I want that job, she’s great.

Personal claim to fame: My dad’s cousin invented the show robot wars I think, I was told this a long time ago. It may or may not be true but I like to think it is.

Fun fact: I’m the dog from the Fenton video.

Most embarrassing uni moment: Chundering and crying outside my halls… don’t play Edward Ciderhands

Signature dish: Enchiladas, I make them twice a week. It’s not weird.

Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts? Well I’m a free spirit you see, so I may be anywhere. But most likely I’ll be watching TV with my housemates, we’re very lazy.

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