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#MeetTheTeamMonday: Niamh Parr

Each week we will be introducing you to a member of our team with our series #MeetTheTeamMonday. This week, Niamh has answered a few questions…


Hi Niamh!

What year are you in and what are you studying at the University of Nottingham? 

I am in my third and final year of my English BA, about to start powering through my dissertation!


What is your position at Her Campus this year? 

I write reviews.


What do you like about Her Campus Nottingham? 

I like the diversity of article topics- whether you want to read up about local restaurants or are searching for some life tips, you can always find an article on Her Campus about it. I particularly like the recent "Lets Talk..." series that discusses commonly experienced but 'taboo' subjects, as I think it's important to bring these conversations up.


What is your favourite spot in Nottingham? 

The Kitty Cafe in the city centre! All the cats there have absolutely stolen my heart and the cakes are to die for.


Ocean or Crisis? 

Ocean. There's nothing quite like suddenly hearing Baywatch start after a few too many VKs. 


What is your favourite place in the world that you have visited? 

Barcelona! My love for Spanish tapas and Gaudi architecture remains unrivalled


What is the one thing you would tell your younger self? 

That it's okay to take your time! I've always felt the need to rush things or be as productive as possible but I would tell myself that it's fine, and sometimes better to do things slowly and savour time instead of going at full spend constantly.


Niamh Parr

Nottingham '21

Final year English student drinking multiple cups of tea a day and trying to keep up with my ever growing to-read list
Jess Smith

Nottingham '21

2020/2021 Editor-in-Chief for HerCampus Nottingham. Aspiring Journalist, with a lot of love for all things bookish. Final Year Sociology student, with a primary interest in Gender Studies, Film Analysis & Mental Health!
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