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Photo of Nottingham University Campus used in our weekly Meet The Team content
Photo of Nottingham University Campus used in our weekly Meet The Team content
Aleena Rupani

#MeetTheTeamMonday: Her Campus Bristol

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Our #MeetTheTeamMonday series is back, but different! Instead of introducing another member of the Her Campus Nottingham team, we wanted to shed some light on a different Her Campus Chapter instead.

This week, Bethany and Noa from Her Campus Bristol are answering some questions…


Noa and Bethany Bristol
Her Campus Bristol


Hello Bethany and Noa! Tell us a bit about your Chapter.

Hey! We’re Her Campus Bristol, and like Her Campus Nottingham, we are a relatively small Chapter, but we have grown massively in the last year. We now have 32 Editors and many more contributors. We have held several events throughout the year, been a lot more active across our social media platforms, and have published at least five articles a week for much of the year. This has resulted in us elevating our Chapter level from Bronze to Platinum this year, an incredible jump and one which we are really proud of. It’s so good to be rivalling some of the American Chapters and flying the British Chapter flag alongside Her Campus Nottingham.


What is your position at Her Campus? And what do you find most challenging and most rewarding about this role? 

We are the two Campus Correspondents! We definitely have enjoyed seeing how much Her Campus Bristol has grown this year, it’s a really rewarding feeling to know that we are leaving a society/ Chapter which is much more active than when we took over. But this comes with its own challenges, especially in terms of team management. Next year we hope to recruit more committee roles, to help lighten the workload at the top.


What year are you both in and what are you studying at university? 

Bethany: I’m a second-year law student (yawn, I know). After uni, I hope to be a corporate/ commercial solicitor. Just like on Suits…

Noa: And I’m also a second-year but I study History. Fun fact, I’m currently studying abroad for a term in Boston!


What do you like about Her Campus? 

Her Campus is such an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice can be heard and their creativity supported. We love how it’s more relaxed than writing for other student publications with print deadlines, as it means that this is a lot more flexible of a commitment. The professional look of the website is also great, as it always makes our articles look so glossy!


How would you describe Her Campus Bristol in 3 words?

Outspoken, bold and supportive.


What is your favourite spot in Bristol? 

Bethany: There’s nothing quite like enjoying gelato from Swoons whilst sunbathing on College Green!

Noa: Or walking through Clifton to see the view from the suspension bridge on a clear day!


Are you a dog or a cat person? 

Bethany: Whilst cats are great (especially if you’re not at home enough to look after a dog), I do prefer dogs. I have an orange roan cocker spaniel at home called Pebbles, and I definitely miss her more than my parents!

Noa: That makes two of us, ‘cos I’m definitely a dog person too! I also have a dog at home, Liquorice, and he’s actually older than my youngest brother so he’s totally part of the family.


2019/ 2020 Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Nottingham A love for writing, drinking tea & chatting about uncomfortable things.