Meet The Team: Niamh Perry

All this week, we're going behind the scenes of Her Campus Nottingham with our #MeetTheTeam series. Next up, we spoke to our Co-Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief, Niamh Perry.

First up! How did you hear about Her Campus and why did you decide to join our chapter?

I first heard about Her Campus in my first year when some members of HC Nottingham were promoting outside my halls of residence and I have been a regular reader ever since. It wasn’t until my third year when I decided to apply, and I’m so glad I did! It gave me a way of keeping in touch with uni life whilst on my year abroad and allowed me to connect with like-minded people, I wouldn't otherwise meet.

Favourite thing you’ve done this summer?

By far my favourite thing this summer was my trip to Bali, Indonesia. Whilst I was there, I visited a Sea Turtle Rescue Centre and got to release a baby turtle back into the ocean.

What are you doing when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing I’m either with my dog or looking at pictures of my dog. He’s a Westie called Henry and he’s my actual best friend. You can also most likely find me binge-watching Prison Break or Grey’s Anatomy.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a HCN team member?

One of my favourite things about HC Nottingham is how our writers are never shy to write about the topics that matter to them, and most certainly matter to our audience. From contraception to mental health, the writers at HCN are bold in their coverage of the important things. To be part of a team of people, who have the potential to help readers find someone who can relate to them is the most rewarding part by far!

What’s your favourite student hangout in Nottingham?

One of my favourites has to be Fat Cat! It's very Instagram-friendly with fairy lights everywhere and they have such a cool range of cocktails, which are often 2 for 1! As a German student, I also can’t miss out Bierkeller. It’s set up like a real Bavarian beer hall and, although I can’t be certain how authentic it really is, it’s definitely a good time!

What are your future plans and ambitions?

I'd love to stay in Nottingham to do my Master's after I graduate. I'm also really hoping to go back to Austria, where I was on my Year Abroad, and carry on travelling around Europe.