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Meet The Team: Emily Talbut

All this week we’re letting you #MeetTheTeam behind Her Campus Nottingham! First up is Emily, a 3rd year English student and current Campus Correspondent.

How did you get involved with Her Campus?

I saw the former CC post about it on a Freshers page shortly after A-Level Results Day, so I sent off the application to be a travel writer. I went on to become head of social media in my second year which involved managing all the platforms and promoting upcoming events, before taking on the rather daunting role as Campus Correspondent this year! It’s been stressful (particularly trying to fit it in with full time work over summer!) but definitely worth it so far.


What’s the best thing about being part of the team at HCN?

My role has obviously been different each year but for me it’s just having a platform to share your articles on and actually get people reading them! I always remember J.K. Rowling’s quote that “no story lives unless someone wants to listen” and, as my passions have changed from creative fiction writing to blogging, I still think that applies – everyone who puts something out there online wants to be heard!


What’s your favourite thing to write about?

I alternate between travel, food…and food I eat when I travel! I love drawing on my own experiences for this but also Instagram (which I’m a little obsessed with – @emslens13 for shameless promo). I’m that friend who drags everyone to an obscure spot in town because they have the quirkiest looking cocktails or best lighting for snapping!

Do you do anything else at uni aside from HCN?

My actual course! I did joke to friends the other day that right now it feels like Her Campus comes first and my studies second, but I may have to try and get that balance a bit more even as the term progresses!

I also try to go to Yoga Society when I can but I’m not good at sticking to a class schedule, so prefer the gym for whenever I decide it’s time I should do some exercise!

I also just got back from working at Disney World all summer on one of their college programs, so the idea was to take things a bit slower after that craziness…so far that’s not succeeding but oh well!


What are your other interests aside from writing?

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a massive fan of Taylor Swift! Anyone who knows me even a little will be aware of this, so I always have friends on nights out pointing and yelling at me whenever her songs are played. I actually met her in 2015 backstage before her 1989 tour – she bizarrely saw photos of me and my sister online in our Shake It Off inspired costumes and had her team call me the day before asking to meet us! I still don’t quite believe that happened…

Do you have any idea what you want to do after university?

I’d love to go into a career that involves writing and being creative in some way – whether that’s working for a magazine, blog or advertising company. I want something that’s going to be different every single day and is in constant interaction with current trends in the real world.


What’s your favourite part about studying in Nottingham?

Our campus! It’s so stunning and I love going for walks around the lake when I need to de-stress, which I bizarrely found the most need for in first year! However you can’t beat the foodie scene at Nottingham as well.

What would say is the best food spot Nottingham has to offer?

It has to be Pudding Pantry – their entire menu (and I’ve sampled my fair share of it) is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing! Got to get that Instagram….

Annie’s Burgers is also a great place to visit – but don’t pass up the chance to go there for breakfast! You certainly get your money’s worth and the pancakes are just huge!

Emily Talbut


I'm a third year English student at University of Nottingham and when I'm not working or writing, I'm probably watching a Disney movie or listening to one of their soundtracks! I'm a Campus Correspondent for HC Nottingham and generally write about food, travel, and the food I've experienced on my travels! 
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