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After completing my undergrad and living with my best friends through three years of university, I opted to take the plunge and live alone in my own studio flat for my master’s degree. Having never properly lived alone before, this was an exciting, but nerve-wracking step for me. Now, seven months in, I am here to share my tips and opinions.

Living by yourself certainly takes some adjusting to! If you are like me and are the neat, clean freak of your uni house, at first it may sound like a dream to be able to have your own clean and tidy space where you don’t have to worry about anyone else messing up your perfect sanctuary. As nice as this can be, loneliness is one of the main things that can make living alone pretty hard. Therefore, I have put together a few tips and tricks to help you master living alone if this is a step you are considering.

  • Make sure you leave your flat.

Don’t stay cooped up festering in your own company for days on end-this is quite possibly one of the worst things you can do if you are feeling down or lonely, and I certainly have been guilty of doing this. It is only going to make you feel worse, so make time to get out into the fresh air, whether that is for a hot girl walk or to pop to the shop to grab your favourite snacks, it will do you the world of good.

  • Make your flat feel like your home.

It is likely that you will spending a lot of time alone in your flat, which is why it is so important to make it feel and look like you want to spend a lot of time. Decorate it in the way you want to, bring some home comforts with you, make your bed, and keep it clean and orderly. This will make your whole living alone experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • See your friends.

I am lucky that my best friend lives in a studio flat in the same building that I do: we make sure to see each other regularly throughout the week, whether that is just to catch up, or carry on with the show that we have been watching together (Gogglebox is currently our guilty pleasure!). We all know that sometimes the pick me up we need is just being in the company of friends.

  • Do things that make you enjoy being in your own company.

Rather than just lying in bed, scrolling aimlessly on your phone, there are plenty of things you can do to help you pass the time.

  • A home workout or yoga is a good way to get your body moving and can also help relax the mind.
  • Self-care evenings are a favourite of mine. Pop on a hair mask and facemask, have an ‘everything’ shower, indulge in some skincare and put your comfiest pyjamas on and you are bound to feel slightly better if you have been having a lonely day. Not only will you feel pampered, but it will act as a good distraction too.
  • Putting on music or a podcast whilst cooking something delicious is also a great way to indulge in some quality ‘me time’. 
Tamsin Draper

Nottingham '23

Having completed an undergrad degree in History and Politics at Nottingham, I have now moved onto studying MSc Environmental Leadership and Management. I am a lover of all things green and sustainable, travelling, concerts, and good coffee!