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Mark Jones

Name: Mark Jones

Hometown: North London

Degree: Medical Sciences, I think.

Year: 3rd

Campus Involvement: I volunteer in a primary school and for a mentoring charity. I do a bit of URN (Pirlos of Wisdom) and I’m a free scoring centre back for English Society at Grove Farm.

Dream Job: It’s becoming increasingly apparent that I might not make it as a professional footballer…

Personal Claim to Fame: Daniel Radcliffe once challenged me to a burping contest. He won. I still maintain it was a fix.

Fun Fact:  I once wrote a scene of an EastEnders episode. I went to see it get filmed and got to fight off paparazzi with umbrellas.

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Turning up hungover for a placement at a GP, looking so ill that a doctor mistook me for his patient.

Signature Dish: Frankfurter spaghetti. Google it, it’ll change your life.

Where Can You Be Found on a Friday Night in Notts?: Bodega with George Thresh (don’t tell Sophia)

Hannah Rought is a third year English student at University of Nottingham. She is successfully (?) managing her studies and being Head of Social Media for Her Campus Nottingham. Expect her to tweet #thirdyearwoes a lot this year, she doesn't want to graduate and have to become a real life grown up! 
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