"Mama Told Me..."

Everyone knows that behind every child is an exceptionally amazing mum. We learn so much from our mums, they teach you things that only mums can teach you, they inspire you to become the person you want to be and the person that you are today. Let’s celebrate our mums, the women in our lives that have inspired us and the dads that have taken on the roles of both mum and dad.

Here are a few things that we are grateful for.

1) The Biased Pride

Mums have an unlimited supply of pride for their children, even if we haven’t actually done anything particularly special (yet). Just you being you is enough to make mums proud.  

She sings all of your praises. You are the most incredible writer in the world, that story you wrote about the googly eyed fish in year three has more literary value to your mum than all the classics combined. She still has all the terrible mother’s day poems, craft boxes and dry macaroni cards you made her as you grew up. 

You’re the most beautiful person in the world, both inside and out! Such beauty has never existed prior to the day you were born. Besides she made you so you’re destined to be beautiful!

She’ll WOOP just a bit too loud in your school plays because she’s just so proud! You make the best Jungle Book vulture in the world! Even if you play the sheep in the nativity you’ll be the best damn sheep that has ever graced the stage. She’ll scream and cheer louder than all the rest at all of your sports days and competitions and keep all of your old certificates. She’ll take part in the mum’s race at sports day and she will not disappoint, this is not a game! This is a race mums fight to win to make their kid proud!

2) The Advice

From relationships to advice on how to clean up cat sick without bleaching the carpet white (sorry Mum). She’s one of the best people to turn to because she has your best interests at heart.

Fashion-She’ll pin you into your dress when it just can’t handle the assets your momma gave you. She’ll lend you shoes and you’ll probably steal her tops and cardigans when you take her advice that it’s too cold to go without. She’ll teach you all the hacks even if you later choose to ignore them (remember them telling you to wear a pair of pants over the top of your tights as well as underneath to keep your tights from falling down? Bet none of us do that now!)

Relationships- She’ll let you make your own decisions, your own mistakes but if things crumble she’ll be there. She’ll know when you just want a hug and she won’t say anything you don’t want to hear. But she’ll also be there to give you some much needed tough love, “If they act like they don’t care they don’t and probably never did.” At the end of the day even if it isn’t true you know that she believes you deserve the world and no mediocre friends and partners will suffice.  

3) The Gross Stuff

Think of all the gross things that she’s had to do for you in your lifetime, it shows just how much you mean to someone if they see you at your worse but love your regardless.

She sniffed you to see if you needed changing when you were a baby, she wiped your bum, she cleaned up when you were sick and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. She cleaned up after you when your friends were sick and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. She went through each strand of your hair when you had nits to make sure they were all out.

You don’t often think about it, but you’ve got to love someone a lot to deal with their bodily fluids without complaint.

4) Protectiveness

Her opinion means a lot to you and if your mum didn’t love one of your friends it probably wasn’t a friendship that lasted, mama knows best!

She automatically took a disliking to the kid she saw being rude to you and anyone that upsets you will remain in her bad books for a long time to come. Not only is she protective of you, she’s also protective of all the people that are in your life. She will hold contempt for anyone that treats you badly but she’ll also get protective about anyone that treats your friends wrong too. Watch out because mums will ban you from the house if they see you treating their daughter, or one of her adoptive daughters poorly.

5) Encouragement & Support

She encouraged you to do whatever you wanted to do and you knew she’d be there no matter what happened. She’ll be just as proud of you if you spent your life selling newspapers as she would if you were a doctor in an underprivileged country.

She read to you until you were old enough to read to her and she’d try and stay awake for as long as she could as you read monotonously to her, she’s the reason you were always one of the best readers in class. You now recommend books to each other and swap when you’ve finished. 

Mums, thank you for always being there and doing all these things for us. Just remember maybe one day you’ll get to laugh as you watch us have to do the same for our own children!

Edited by Lucy Jackman