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Malena Wong

Meet Malena Wong, 3rd Year English Student and President of UNICEF Society!  

Name: Malena Wong

Hometown: Hong Kong!

Degree: English (with a theatre focus) 

Year: Third Year!

Campus Involvement: I am the President of UNICEF Society which entails working alongside an amazing team. Presently, we are organising an exciting Football Tournament for the 8th November as well as a Charity Talk which will focus on the Syrian Refugee Crisis!

Being the type of girl that likes to keep busy, I am Events Manager for Impact Magazine too. Essentially, this means organising MORE fabulous events! From Savoy Film Nights to The Media Conference 2015 and many socials, I am in charge of events throughout the year. I thoroughly enjoy this job (minus the stress of low ticket sales)!

Dream Job: This throws me into an existential crisis, no joke!

Personal Claim to Fame: Fashionably late entrances.

Fun Fact: I am addicted to ‘To-Do’ lists!!!

Favourite Food: Tuna sushi – lots of it!

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Uni’s been pretty glorious and non-embarrassing so far! Hopefully that will stay the same until I graduate.

Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts? I’d like to imagine myself sitting on a rooftop bar sipping delicious cocktails.

Edited by Helena Kelly 

Harry Potter Fanatic. What's life without a fresh, steaming coffee, a book to hand, and soaking in the London rain? Nox.
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