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Make-Up Trends From Around the World To Try

So, you’ve tried and tested out everything from nude lips to golden highlighters and are ready for something else? Brushing up on make-up trends from around the world is a great way to find new styles to incorporate into your routine. That’s why we’re giving you the low-down on popular looks from four different countries!


French beauty combines the bold and subtle. BB creams are used to create a natural base.  A bright red lip is balanced out by au naturel eye brows. The French tend to give contouring a complete miss – instead of trying to alter their face shape, they make ample use of highlighter on their cheeks and Cupid’s bow to draw more attention to them. While smoky eyes are popular, the shadow is applied in a borderline messy way, adding a hint of playfulness.



It may sound a little strange, but the ‘hungover look’ is a huge trend in Japan. The aim is to give you a pretty flush, as if you’ve just come back from a night out. Foundations are often abstained in substitute of a good dose of concealer.

Dark eyeliner is paired with light eyeshadow to make the eyes seem larger. Spots of pink blush under the eyes add a pop of complexion, which is set off by a little highlighter. The look is finished with an understated lip.



India is known for its striking bridal make-up and Bollywood looks. Full-coverage foundation complemented with highlighting concealer and contour serves as a base for these. Indian beauty is all about the eyes. Blending a deep maroon crease with a gold lid has become especially popular, with your choice of hue added below the waterline as well. A thick cat eye and strong brows are essential, while a dark red lip completes the look.



Bright, pretty and low-maintenance is the way to go down under. Tinted moisturisers with added sunscreens are a must have in the season of Summer. Lips in berry shades minus the lip-liner are super trendy, as well as bare brows and lashes.

Eyeshadow is often limited to a single translucent colour on the lid, blended in for extra softness. Corals and pinks are particularly popular and gives you that minimalistic look with a glow. Aussies also swap super pigmented highlighting powders for the subtler radiance of balms and oils.


Edited by Angelica Beier


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