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London’s Most Insta Famous Salon: Is Bleach London Worth the Hype?


As someone who knows all too well the struggles of being a (non-natural) bleach blonde, when I came across Bleach London’s Instagram on my explore page I had to see what it was about. Their very aesthetically pleasing Instagram, which boasts about 319k followers, gives an insight into the stylist’s creations.  They’ve even coloured celebrities’, such as Cara Delevigne’s, hair.

Bleach has three salons in central London: Brixton, Soho and Dalston. I chose the Soho salon (as it was the most convenient location wise) and went for a walk-in consultation. I explained what I wanted (root re-touch and toner) and they did a patch test, which you need to do at every salon as a safety precaution.

  The makeup range at Bleach Berwick Street


The salon was definitely as edgy as I expected it to be, with pink interior and mirrors everywhere. Although it was a relatively small space, it didn’t feel crowded.

True to their promise, all of their products are cruelty-free and vegan – they even asked me what type of milk I wanted in my coffee and when I (being my uncool and unedgy self) asked for normal milk they stated that they only had almond or coconut! So I sat back with my coconut milk coffee as Tash spoke to me about what to do with my horrible 8 week+ root regrowth.

Tash was very knowledgeable about bleach and exactly the type that my hair required. Whilst explaining how I’ve had issues in the past with salons giving me an uneven colour and making my hair too yellow, she told me that they were probably using the incorrect percentage of peroxide (it all sounded very scientific). After three long hours, she managed to sort out my roots, give the ends a more even colour and put on the ‘white heat’ toner, which she asked me to choose from their Instagram.

Before and After:

I was really happy with the end result and it was probably the first time since bleaching my hair that I had actually reached the shade of blonde that I wanted and hadn’t left feeling like it was a waste of time and money. I did have a lovely blow dry, but it was ruined by the rain as soon as I stepped outside so my hair was back to its frizzy self by the time I got home.

 I recommend the salon to anyone with bleached or colourful hair as they definitely are the experts in this area. Whilst it was on the pricey side of salons in general, I would say it is worth it if you want to save your hair from potential damage in the future.

They also have a vegan range of makeup and hair products on their website!


Edited By Niamh Perry




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