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Lissie Hollis: From Sport-Free to Triathlete

Firstly, can you just tell us a bit about yourself?

Lissie: I’m an architecture student in my second year, so I have lots of work to do all the time. I’m in the Triathlon Club which also takes up a lot of time, we train every night. I’m also a lifeguard.


When did you start training for triathlons?

Lissie: In my first year, I’d never really done anything like that before, I hadn’t even run a 5K before I joined. When I started, our first training session was a 5K warm up and then circuits so that was quite intense for me.


Why did you decide to join the Triathlon Club?

Lissie: I think I had an interest in swimming, running and cycling. And I like to do everything. I was going around Freshers’ Fair and I wanted to do all these different things so I thought if I just do one that’s got has three different things in then I tick three boxes off. I wanted to take on as much as possible.


That’s a good reason. So you completed the Varsity Triathlon in March, congratulations! How did it feel when you crossed the finish line?

Lissie: It was really good, it was really fun. Rosa’s voice came on the speaker and she was saying “And Lissie Hollis is coming in” and that felt really good. I sprinted to the finish and there was lots of people cheering “Go on Lissie!”


What was the best part of the day?

Lissie: The best part? I think it was the racing just because it was physically challenging. But it was more the people than anything; the support as you were going round and everyone cheering each other on.


It was nice how everyone overlapped as well, wasn’t it? So you’d see the runners when you were on the bike and vice versa.

Lissie: Yeah and you can cheer each other on and all the spectators cheering you on is really nice.


What was the worst part of the day?

Lissie: Probably getting up super early to set up.


What time did you get up?

Lissie: 5.30am to get ready.


After the race did you treat yourself in any way? Did you eat something really big?

Lissie: I went to get food and I was going to get myself a big burger but they didn’t have a vegetarian option so I just had to get double chips.


Final question, where can we find you on a Friday night?

Lissie: Either getting an early night cos I have work in the morning or I’m out with my friends – a girly night or  Ocean.


Thanks for the interview Lissie, good luck in your training!


Edited by Harriet Dunlea

Photo credit: Lissie Hollis

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