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Lidl Pledges to Help Fight Period Poverty in the UK

Discount German supermarket Lidl has begun its initiative to help make period products available to those who cannot afford them. This will make it the world’s first major retailer to offer free period pads in stores, starting in May of this year.

This campaign will begin in Ireland, where a shocking 5 out of 10 women aged 12-19 revealed they had struggled to afford period products at some point.  This has worsened during the pandemic and has led to women using unsafe methods of period protection. By doing so, they increase the risk of diseases and infections such as Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can lead to serious health conditions or even death. Up to 10% of 12–19-year-olds admitted to using unsanitary and unsafe alternatives, emphasising how important it is for these products to be readily available. 

In Scotland, period products have been free of charge since 2018 in schools, and since November 2021 across the country. They hope to inspire others to follow this initiative.

The products will be made available in the form of coupons, on the new Lidl Plus App. Each customer is entitled to one packet per month. 

Lucia Botfield

Nottingham '22

Second year History and American Studies student at the University of Nottingham.
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