A Letter to My Future Self

Dear future Rup,

Well it's been a whirlwind so far. You're coming towards the end of university and compared to when  you were a nervous, innocent fresher, you've come on leaps and bounds. You're louder, a lot more crankier but you've established yourself as the mum of your friendship groups. As you're closer to leaving the bubble of university and going into the real world, here are some things to remember as you embark onto your twenties:

  • Don't lose the love for outdoors you got over the years- Some of your favourite times have been walking by the beach in the winter wrapped up in your wolly hat and jacket and you get overly happy going down nature trails in the countryside. It doesn't matter where you end up living, make sure you still keep up with those nature walks (and obviously walks by the sea, but bonus points if you end up living in a city by the ocean)
  • Keep reading - Because why is there ever a reason to stop reading books? Fingers crossed you'll have a good enough job that lets you have a separate room just for reading.
  • If you have kids, be there for them-  You know all too well what happens to kids who never had anyone there for them. And you've promised yourself you'd never put your kids in that position.

  • Still treat your inner child occasionally- There's nothing wrong with spending a Friday night with a massive glass of chocolate milk rewatching Tom and Jerry. One of your best friends is going to be married by your mid twenties and you know if she has a bouncy castle at her wedding, you'd go wild on it.

  • Never ever prioritise a boy over your friends- You've seen this happen to someone first hand and you know what you and everyone else thinks of that person for ditching their friends. You know that doing that would never be worth it. Only girls who don't like being alone do this. You like being alone so hopefully you won't.Image result for friends gif

  • Don't ever be reliant on anyone- Because people are fickle and the world can be a bit of a cow, if you want something, work towards it yourself. 

  • Please travel as much as you can- You're still going to be young and you might as well  travel around and throw yourself out of your comfort zone seeing as you have zero responsibilities.
  • Go to a Lana del Rey concert- You've already seen Bastille and Mabel live, you should totally treat yourself and go see her because she'll still be a queen in the years to come.




    21 year old Rup